#42 Adam Saad





Really hope we take the first and both second rounders into next year. Use one second on Fletch 3 and package the other two for a higher first rounder or get a gun mid.


just wanted to re-qoute this so more people see it. Post of the day for mine


I suspect it hasn’t happened because it’s a 3 way including Ablett trade.


Mine too.

I told my hubby 2 hours ago, he’s still laughing (I am too)


Saad and McKenna lighting up the half back flank all game long


That gif is going to get inducted into the gif Hall of Fame very soon.

It’s a classic.


Those 2 will take off soon as they get the ball which wont give the opposition a chance to set up defensively.


Rap off


Saad, McKenna, Hurley and Gleeson. Intercepting and line breaking till the early morn. Ambrose harassing. Hartley spoiling. Goddard cleaning up.


And Hooker at CHB.


Why are people so FKGGGGGGG obsessed with this fuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark

he’s a FKG FORWARD now. Enter knights dealwithit.gif


I just assumed it was a joke.


He will be CHB when we land Schache at 1.59pm next Thursday for cheeeeeeaaaaaaapppppppppp


Also, between Joe, Hooker, Raz, Smith and Stringer… hot damn that’s a lot of score!


Not enough Anthony McDonald tippingwooti!


Bookmark us for the highest scoring team in the league next season.


I love me some Walla. He’s a pressure forward/hitter upper with Great goal sense. Perhap not quite as damaging score wise though. Hope he makes me eat my words though!

If our mids can get it there enough we’re going to be getting 30+ scores regularly.


Our mid/forward rotations are going to be record breaking. Eat that 17 other coaching panels.