#42 Adam Saad


He still kicked 34 goals last year.


Fark. Did he? Ok, I take it all back. Somehow I didn’t realise it was that many.


This is getting into wrong thread territory but if Stewart gets some marking strength I don’t see how we won’t have the greatest forward line of all time.

*only slightly kidding.


I will be happier if we maintain our current scoring rate and knuckle down on defence a bit more.


I think we will


Walla is still underrated I think.

Best handful of defensive forwards possibly even the best and still hits the scoreboard.

He’s elite.


Defenders will be fine if our middle can make better use. Which, means more forward entries to our solid gold forward line!


Probably still has improvement in him too.


Yeah, I agree.

If we improve even just 5% next year we will be competing for top 4.


Agreed Stewart has earned his spot and if he improves his marking strength, lid off.

But if Francis gets his motor sorted out, the ability to play him forward and back with Hooker, we can improve our forward and backlines significantly simultaneously, and we may be looking at a ridiculous amount of x-factor if Stringer joins the forwards.


Excellent. Too fast, too smart, too precise.


I cant see us losing a game next year.


How about we just let Francis settle as 3rd tall back where he is clearly most comfortable.


The invincibles


It’s going to be an unbearably long preseason isn’t it?


How long is a piece of String?



Looking forward to playing prime time slots again next year and fielding a team capable of beating anyone.

Essendon supporters deserve success for what we have had to deal with and I think it’s close.


Not if we got the Bont all those years ago…


I’m into my second bottle of red people. Posting will probably get more lid off from here. Apologies in advance.


Never apologise for lid off

Love lid off