#42 Adam Saad


When these trades do through, the lid off thread will beat all previous threads and the lid will never be found.


Lol. That’s about as ‘lid on’ as it gets.


Alright, I think we might change the game next season by making positions even more flexible and moveable. We will have Raz, Walla, Smith, Stringer and possibly McGrath, Zaka, Langford and Parish all spending a lot of time between lines. McKenna, Gleeson and Saad may even move through the middle more than usual. We are going to change the game and it will all be about making match ups impossible and maintaining speed. The trick will be getting everyone settled in the centre contests. I think we are in need of another big strong mid though and would want to go chasing a good key defender soon.


Where is the annual ‘lid off’ thread?


Love the optimism and is Woosha working from some of Sheeds old playbooks?


It’s in every thread at the moment, mate.


Sheeds is collaborating with him now. If Wosha starts disagreeing Sheeds just start waving a jacket around his head until Woosh can’t be bothered resisting anymore.


And, yes. It’s a jacket on loan from our esteemed recruiter general.


How many more Jackets.


How many??

Whatever it takes …


3 new ones. Don’t think he’s allowed to use the Stringer one yet. Jackets is going to wear that one to bed.


How many goal next season? Seriously. How many?


Might be a tad lid off, … but 1/2 again on this years tally?? :thinking:


I agree. 2000 level domination.


I think all the Reds are making your conversation a little incoherent lol.

But if you are saying 36 goals to stringer is lid off then try again mofos.

Switch those numbers around! That’s closer!!!


Mrs How Many has banned me from the wine rack now.




Maybe we will lose a few.
But at least we won’t be out-scored.


I think I’m down to cider and liqueurs.


Ha! I thought you meant Walla! Didn’t think that sounded right.