#42 Adam Saad


Will be better player for us than hooli has been at Richmond. Welcome to the family Adam


He has deleted this tweet. I suspect he was wrong.

As usual, afl rules are almost indecipherable.


You can TONGUE MY BALLS Footscray


Can we go after Kennedy now just to fark up Carlton?


Confirmed, our second next year.


Within the AFL rules, if we get another second next year we can still trade our first. That means Doggies would have to give us back their second if they want our first next year.


We already have GWS second.


It has been said but gee that GWS deal was a good one for us.

Right now, as I understand it, our net result (assuming our finishing position is similar to GWS next year) of the trade period is:

In: Smith, Saad, Pick 24
Out: #11, 2018 Third Rounder

Is that right? If so… that is some fantastic trading by Jackets and Co… that Deal is so lopsided imho its not funny! 2 best 22 quality players for a 13 pick downgrade in a weak draft and a 3rd rounder? Winning!


I hear putting peanut butter on them makes it more tempting for dogs!


So we can still trade our future first or GWS’s future second round pick?


But we gave away our third. We would have to get back a third at a minimum. I was just being hopeful.


11 & our future 3rd

Add in pick 30 and we will have landed all 3.

Crazy good.


Yep, just realised I missed that out…

Still reckon that is a Dyson + 3rd Rounder level deal.

The best bit is that I don’t think GWS or Suns got ‘screwed over’ completely… nice, easy ‘fair’ trades by market value but I can’t help but feel we are the cat with the cream.

Perhaps overrating Smith and Saad but I really rate both… I’m super confident they will be very good players for us. I’m loving the comeback story!


We can trade our first if we get a second or third back, and we can trade GWS second if we keep our first. We have to maintain a similar position in any case, 2 second rounders is better than a second and a third so it is ok.


I want all the trade


I remember badly wanting this bloke on our list after he outran Walla in that Round 1 game last year



In: Smith, 24, 2018 GWS Second, Saad
Out: 11, 2018 Third, 2018 Second


good trade


How could you pick a favourite?

quite easily.



Why the heck have I not already seen him twirling a football in an Essendon jumper awkwardly answering whether he is going to #DonTheSash?