#42 Adam Saad


I’m counting on GWS/ESS finishing around the same area next year so I reckon the 2nd rounders cancel each other out… going to be 2-3 spots ether way imho… I mean gravy for us if we win the flag and GWS bomb…

Still… ■■■■■■ good trade when you look at the raw numbers… Reckon we are going to get a heap of value out of it and both guys (all 3 if we complete the triplet) are young too… so plenty of years left.


McGrath will be happy.


Stomach or face?


How you like it now… welcome to Bomberland!


I love it

Time to bring back the old Essendon video speed kills

Opponents are going to have windburn next season


2 down, 1 to go.


Zip looks broken. Needs to borrow a jacket off Disco.


Spoilers: No awkward “yess” at the end.


No one, but no one, wears Adrians jackets.


Who’s the guy in the vest?


That the one with Garry O’Donnel,Ryan O’Connor,Darren Bewick?


He looks haappy.


I love Xavier


he actually looks pretty chuffed.


THats the one. I think Rex hunt might of been doing the commentary for it

He is going so fast he’s burning the grass


Looks super excited and we’re excited to have him.

I hope you have a fruitful career at the bombers :slight_smile:


■■■, was literally looking for that clip… we are finally getting the band back together so to speak…

Still lots of questions but in 3 years we have transition from a rotation of guys like:
Watson, Stanton, Hocking, Howlett, Myers, Kommer

to guys like
Zerrett, Heppell, Parish, McGrath, Colyer, Fanta, Walla, Saad, Smith

Reckon he will play that ‘dempsey’ like role beautifully and in tandem with McKenna… yes I’m overly excited for a Monday morning but I really really rate this guy and what he can bring.


Yep it was.


Looks magnificent in red and black!


Fark he looks magnificent in red n black