#42 Adam Saad



Net off the second rounders.

Net result is:

Smith and Saad for a downgrade of 11 to 24 and losing next year’s third rounder.

Great dealing!

Trading is so much more fun than the draft


“Felt at home straight away”

“excited for what we’re striving to do”

“bring some rebound and lockdown on the small forwards”

excited for anzac day, his face lit up something chronic at the mention of it.


The highlight clip up on efc has the best baulk i’ve seen in my life about 40 seconds in. holy ■■■■




Do deals take so long because they have to make all these videos first?


Unleash explosive PACE.

Welcome aboard.


Make sure you watch the highlights package afterwards too… you want some candy with your shake and bake?



I was going to post about how good is our media team is. They got Saad out to the TVSC, found him some gear, filmed a video, edited it and up loaded it onto the website and other social media in about four and a half minutes.

Its like this deal was known about before hand.

Now, given Stringer is leaving the country today it will be interesting to see if we have pre-prepared footage of him. It will be a sign of how confident the club was of getting him.


He’s really down to earth. He’s going to be a beauty, has the right attitude and can open up games.

We just need to ensure we win the one on ones(once we lose the midfield battle) so blokes like him, McKenna, Hurley , Gleeson and the likes can rebound and set it up for the forwards.

Reckon he might sneak onto the win with his pace too.


■■■■ YES

Love the way he just runs around blokes. The sort of player who can completely traumatise defensive set ups and zones

As good as a trade as Stewart last year


Perhaps that is why every has said ‘The deal will get done’ because the video has already been made!


Have we established yet whether this is our or GWS’s future second round pick?


Very happy with this trade. I don’t understand the maths of it all (in awe of blitzers!) but what have we left to offer for Stringer - player(s) I imagine.


Pick 36 next year


From available reports it is OUR 2nd next year… so we keep GWS 2nd.

GC obviously thought GWS were going to do better than us… bwahahahahaha


His highlight package on the club website is next level! We are going to be a very exciting team with the likes of Saad, McKenna, Walla, Raz, Joey and hopefully Stringer. Will be very fun to watch.


How’s the push off on Eddie Betts!


We have still got 25, 30, 48, 67 and 85 this year and our first, GWS second, our fourth and fifth next year. So many options still.


I can wait for the Stringer version of the welcome video.

Shot slowly pans up, to see Stringer engrossed in his Sportsbet app, schoolgirls leering over his shoulder - YESS