#42 Adam Saad


Just watched the highlights package this guy can thread the needle with his running. Saad “The Bounce King” welcome to Essendon.


Adam…Welcome to Hangar… Will love you to take on opposition


He’s more aggressive than Conor with his running and he has a better knack of running behind the mark for a recieve. Conor will learn a bit playing next to him which is exciting




will the lean be from the sheer speed of Saad running by him? Conner is pretty quick too IMO


Very happy this is done.

The 2 main ones I wanted got here phew.
Stringer if he does too Is just the cherry on top.

Can’t wait for rd 1 next year now.


I’m glad we’ve got him. I especially like what the club says about his personal values and commitment to family.


DKP, pls


Very, very happy with this pick up. McKenna and Saad are going to be real difficult to stop. Saad was number 1 out of the 3 SSS’.


Can we reinstate “Speed Kills” sponsorship?


Welcome Adam Saad, a very exciting prospect indeed. It’s like EFC is reverting back to it’s Speed Kills era.
I haven’t been this excited since Willy ■■■■ and The Cocky turned up to play.
How does one live with a censored surname?
That should read Willy D.i.c.k.


just call him Willy Banana


This kids nickname has to be ‘happy’


or Haappy


Welcome Adam Saad along with Devon to a proper football club, a hungry club, with real fans, lots of them, some that go back a few generations, lots of silverware, history, good facilities and after a dark period heaps to play for.

For the above reasons, I think these two will thrive. No disrespect to GWS previous two seasons, nor GC pitiful efforts to string a club together but welcome to the big stage.


Excellent work. He is a really exciting player, we are certainly doubling down on the run and gun gameplan.


jackets right now


One more Adrian and it’s all yours.


Might be time to upgrade the jackets for a cape instead by end of trade period.



Before you know it, our supporters are going to stop calling us a ■■■■ club!!!

Gleeks & Hurls intercepting, Saad & Oirish running it out, Wall & Fanta screaming down the wing, JoeDan & Chooka clunking all day… oh my…