#42 Adam Saad


Adam Saad will be interviewed on trade radio any second now


Woteva, Pollyanna.

Can’t see it. If we don’t lose matches, they’ll rip into some poor bludger if they lose a contest…or lost a contest in 2015…


Your wrist must be huge.


Such a lovely humble and respectful young man.
Going to enjoy watching him bloom with us.


Ha. Reckons that the Saad Army of fans (family and friends) will see a jump in Essendon membership numbers by at least 100 over the next couple of days.


Great addition, sounds like a ripper fella on TR.


A couple of days ago l posted about how many memberships the Stringer saga could potentially cost the Doggies. At the same time l wondered how many extra EFC memberships getting SSS to Windy Hill would generate. l believe 2018 will set a new record for memberships, but how many more will obtaining SSS translate into? l know l am going early on the Stringer deal, but l believe Jackets will get his man.

Should this be a poll? Get all 3 of them signed up and l would estimate that it will net us an extra 6,000 + memberships over the 2017 total.

Any other estimates?


Listening to his inteview on trade radio, very glowing of solly.


Good addition and good price. Glad it was an easy trade and pumped to see him play for us.


Seriously, with this jet coming in, we have a handful of absolute cheetahs running around. Who is the fastest of them All?


Very happy we got Saad.
I’ve had the unfortunate luck of having to watch quite a few gold coast games over the last few years and Saad would have to be my favourite suns player.
Guy is super quick and creative. Not sure on his defensive side though.


The best bit of having 7 legit speedsters on the park next year will be when we put Luenberger or Cale Hooker in the GF sprint.


Not only is he quick but he knows how to use it. Watch how he turns sharp straight after he takes off. Or he senses when the tackle is coming and changes direction. In the highlights Tippa had him for pace but Saad changed direction when Tippa had already committed to tackle causing him miss.


Leuenberger possibly, but Hooker will have other business…


If the criteria is “getting ball to boot when there’s a goal on offer” I’d back Fantasia :slight_smile:


Seriously who titles this stuff… It should be “Saad Day for Suns” or “Saad move for Suns” Or “SMiling Saad” or “its all been Saad and done” “both happy and Saad” Cmon guys there is an inexhaustible use of his name…Disappointed.


Saadingly, life has new meaning for me…


You sound really Saad about it.


Suns give A-Dam


“Bombers win, A Saad regime over” and put it on the front page.