#42 Adam Saad


I would expect that to be called holding the ball every time.


Another solid defensive game, only this time, he also hit the offence as well.

I like him.


Nullifying that marking contest with Dixon was worth the price of admission alone.

For those that said he can’t defend surely have been watching somebody else.


It’s a dumb rule. You should be allowed to tackle someone bouncing the ball but if they then dispose legally then play on.


This is the AFL. We have no desire to be sensible.


That would seem a reasonable change, but as the rule stands bouncing the ball in that situation is dumb football.


My reading is he still counts as in possession, and that’s all. He was running, guy grabbed him, slipped off without impeding him, and he kept running. If the tackle had stuck it would be holding the ball or incorrect disposal, no argument with that. The tackle didn’t stick, it’s play on.


He was good today scrap and fought for the ball when it hit the deck


No, there’s a special rule (“the Bartlett rule”) that explicitly over-rides normal tackle rules. Rather than say you’re still in possession it says it’s an automatic free.


Anyway… guy has grapefruit-sized balls.


His defensive work was really good again.


if he just grabbed it earlier while it was floating next to him.

roof lifted off then slammed down. metaphoric for the rest of the season?


I liked his game today.


Agreed, looked very shaky early on then just elevated into a very comfortable game. gets shafted by the umpires late in the 3rd/4th so you know hes at essendon.


I know that’s the way it’s umpired, but that’s not the way it’s written, and god forbid the game gets umpired the way the rules are written.


Unless it stops you getting rid of the ball legally then it is not a farking tackle


has he managed to do a speedy run in any of the 4 games? like the ones we were promised in his GC highlights video.

im just being cheeky but maybe he’s playing a different role or we havent worked out how to properly use him


Some of his 2nd and 3rd efforts were superb today. Had ice on leg in the rooms after game (I think maybe corky but not 100%) hopefully nothing too serious.


But it’s the rule.


Best game of the year so far. Was way, way harder at it