#42 Adam Saad


that’s the first thing he did in his first pre-season game


Nah, from FB to FF, GOAL.


Only back pocket getting tagged - has to be AA with a strong finish to the season.


Oh how I wish there was a cousin-cousin rule


that shepherd by Tippa was outstanding



Imagine if Langford had just swung around and booted the goal, place would have gone off!


It would have been NUTS.
And with the roof closed.

Although if that older couple kissed on Kiss Cam - that may have been louder.*
*seriously though - can they fark off with pressuring people to kiss.


Has done everything we have wanted of him this year. A massive recruitment coup.
Has a deadset weapon of half back. I have also noticed the opposition trying to get in his head the last two weeks.


why is nothing being made about walla just shutting the door on kayne turner?




Poor mans Dalgleish


Is great when he has the ball, but is equally as ground when the opposition have the ball. His spoiling is top notch


Because what the hell is a kayne turner?


I don’t think I’ve seen a player run over 20 metres like that to shepherd for a team mate since 2001.


It’s those 1%s that are making a difference, and so good to see. You notice how hard they are running to offer an option, rather than standing still for a contest. We have definitely clicked and are playing as a team. Behind the head handballs and the teammate is there. Good teams do that kinda stuff, and now so are we.


Oh the nostalgia!!!


Depends where you live. Suffice to say it’s a bit weird and just generally not a good idea.


I mentioned it last week (shameless self promotion) but he is our only realistic AA chance.

I think he is more than a chance. He is building a bit of a cult following in the media now as well. The hype train is gonna be full real soon.

In another month someone in the media is gonna call him the best small defender in the comp. Lingy and Darcy will then play swords to determine who can say the nicest things about him.


thought he was just a one trick extremely fast pony, but the way he gets back to cut off and spoil balls going fwd