#42 Adam Saad


Jesus that would have been insane the roof would have been blown off.


With Essendon being in the midst of a patch of winning form, I suspect it is the most successful period of his AFL career…that must be a pleasant change! Hope it makes him really happy!


Was nearly lights out… happy to see that. Can’t remember the last time we did that.

I feel he or Irish will bring out some michael Long moments any game now…


Love how he saw that fat plodder Ziebell and just ran past him with contempt.


It’s at the point where Saad and Connor could see Usain Bolt and still play on. They wouldn’t know how to stop and prop if Adam McPhee slapped them.


His runs were great all day but my favourite play was his huge spoil on their HFF. Looked like the North player was a certainty to mark it, but Saad closed him down and put on a perfectly timed punch out of bounds.



Remember those games a few years ago where we would be lucky to get 1 bounce per game?

No? Neither do I


it was perfect

(and this next one may be fudged (but not that far from reality))



Legit Brownlow chance


So many highlights but this may have been the best. It was like Zeibel was running on the spot. He treated him with contempt.


Remember back to when someone who was not a midfielder won the medal. Its a long time ago. Anyone playing elsewhere have to work harder than the rest to even be noticed.


If tippa and Saad had somehow collided in that play the world would have tipped on it’s axis


Conor mesmerised Nth with that play ending in Walla’s hands - he was kind of stopping and propping while still moving forward very fast.


Deserves to be quoted over and over.




bump city


He’ll be loving it.


Did it at vfl level a few weeks back


THAT’S the Tippa I know and love and didn’t see for the first 2 months of the year.


I can’t think of any other HBF/SmDef that has a better balance between attack and defense, hope he makes the AA squad, doubt he’ll be in the 22