#42 Adam Saad


When did batshit become the measurement of crazy?


Good question.


Ever eaten / smoked it?


Gua??, … No.


tbh when we picked him up thought he was just an offensive weapon

can defend.

was instrumental in qtr’s 2 and 3.


I had some super phosphate puns to use and I’m now ruing that I didn’t get the chance.


I think a lot of people, myself included, were worried about his defensive skills and his kicking when we recruited him, he has put to bed both of those concerns. For the role he is playing, he doesn’t really have any flaws; speed, skills, defense, aggression he is a bona fide match winner - I genuinely think he is a smokey for top 5 in our BnF.


What’s more interesting is that it got past the swear filter!

I would note, you have actually misquoted that. @Alan_Noonan_10 actually wrote it, I quoted him.


That rubbish swear filter! I use the term a lot, for some reason though reading it in your exchange actually made me lol. Might have to urban dictionary this one.


I think he would be a worthy All-Australian back pocket.

Has had an outstanding year.


I thinks it’s because bats carry rabies, so if an animal eats their droppings they can contract it.


It’s the shallow, binary way forums work.


Do you also know for a fact whether he then watched alternate wide-angle footage to see what was actually happening on the ground, rather than vision aimed at people in their lounge room?


I’ve heard and read a lot of things that suggest he’s quite a strange individual. Not sure he’d be all that easy to relate to.
That plus making some bad decisions + awful record at Freo adds up to no-one wanting to touch him again (even Brisbane)


Played really well on Saturday for a guy people were adamant was not playing.






Just had a glass of red with Saady…


Can red be Halal?

and therefore fund Turrrurrrusts?


No, so you are saying this is just normal behaviour??

He was in a hotel room in Darwin with a mate of mine who is a top exec with Sports Bet - you know those great friends of Wayne Carey, Dean Wallis, Mark Ruicutto , my mate was just watching Adelaide play on TV, who Freo were playing the FOLLOWING week & MH had no interest whatsover in watching any or part of the game.

If you think that is what great coaches do , then you have NFI