#42 NLM Loves to Belt



...3 games


those cold dead eyes

Thanks for all the blood sweat and tears. Gave it all. Hope he stays around the club in some capacity.

Under that wing!

Glad he stayed on one more year as backup and leadership for the VFL team. Been a great servant to the club and I'm sure the club will look after him in his post-AFL life.

Solid player and great person too. Was involved in a lot of community work which is another reason EFC should keep him in some capacity.

He called me Bruz at the Crichton when I wished him well and congratulated him on his career. If only he had kicked that goal in round 23, I was ready to do a Franky Dunnell and run down the aisles

Love to see him come back as VFL skipper next year

Much admiration for NLM, hope he stays involved in some way. Team walked taller with him in it. Got the best from himself. Community leader too.

Love him. Great club man. Best of luck with the music NLM!

A great servant for the club. Hopefully he stays around in some capacity. Thanks for your contribution Natrat.

We should name a wing at the HPC after him


Best elimination final ruckman ever?

Worthy of more games than what he got.

the best sub in the history of substitutes. Plus he belted guys. Will be missed. I could watch that carr vid over and over. Love watching the brawl between Hawthorn and Essendon, after LLoyd knocks out Sewell, the dog Brown comes over to go at Lloyd. Just as he gets to LLoyd Nat Rat comes out of nowhere and just smashes him from the side :lol:

Honest, hard, always gave 100%. Made the sub role his own when many wouldn't have. Great club man and needed now, more than ever, in some capacity around the club.