#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA - till 2022

Even as attempted humour that is unacceptable

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Have you seen our list? That’s 100% fact they will be :joy:


If tippa was half as consistent.

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Evil laugh

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Oh dear lord @Saucy ■■■■ lol

I thought I lived dangerously. Holy Kryst.


Come on Kernel, let it out

Oh, we do have fun, don’t we??

I don’t get it.

Which part don’t you get??

My brilliant, cerebral joke??

I’m very concerned about Tippa now.
Since late May this year he has looked a shadow of his former self managing just 7 goals from 9 (very un-Tippa like) in the back half of the season & bugger all possessions. He’s also managed to put on at least 7+ KGs, lose his pace & ability to tackle, seemingly lose interest/+ have some mental health issues, and now apparently he’s done a calf which will sideline him for 2 months meaning he’ll virtually miss the whole pre season….
Is this the end…I pray not…!!!

Change your pp back to Hitler!


Greene was a midfielder. Hobbs averaged over a goal a game when forward at u18 level. So he may have the requisite skill set.

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And Tippa himself was a half back. Even Orazio started his AFL career as a half back / wing.

I agree it’s a specialist position, but it’s not one that requires the guy to have played that position all through juniors. Plenty of guys have slotted into the role.

I’m personally still a fan of trying McGrath there.

New thread boost post.

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