#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA - till 2022

Essington forward

Walla is my fav cameo player.

Possibly the worst game I have seen him play.

Was not interested in making a difference at all. Many times just saw him trailing behind the play not willing himself into the contest at all.

Incredibly disappointing efffort.

What’s with him…is he struggling with fitness. Or is it that he is the only genuine small forward and teams are easily locking him up.

For whatever reason he seems to save his worst performances for the Dreamtime games

I would drop him and bring Bags back in.

You know what you are getting with Bags.

A small forward will often have games where things don’t go there way and they are mostly ineffectual. It happened again for Walla tonight. He still has a dip, it’s just didn’t work tonight.

The problem is not Walla, but rather our lack of small forwards. Even with Raz in the team we are one quality small forward short. So when he isn’t there, Walla can often look pretty exposed.

Irving may or may not make it. We need to draft another small forward…possibly mid season draft, but definitely national draft at the end of the year

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Walla is such a tease, though. His best is electric and super damaging, but when he plays poorly - he stinks it up. Sans the massive Dusty run down and tackle, he gave us squat tonight. It’s that gap between when he is on and off that is worrisome. It is called consistency. Rather than drop him, Woosha should find other roles to bring him into games. A stint in the middle or off HB. Anything, but leaving him deep forward doesn’t always work with Walla.

I disagree.

We have to many players post 25 years old that still can’t impact games from week to week.

Woosha can’t just move the side around to accommodate players who are not playing well. If we are to be good players like Walla have to stand up and seize the moment. It was his total lack of interest that was most concerning for me tonight and I’m one of his biggest fans.

With Walkas skill set he should be challenging for an AA spot.

Agree to disagree, but there is no way you are gunna convince me that dropping Walla for Bags would improve us one iota. Bags is cooked. Walla isn’t. He is just inconsistent. 7 goals in a game not that long ago and not much since. Giving him a stint on the ball might be what he needs. You can always move him back forward during the game.


Walla is ten times the player that Bags is but Bags puts in 100% at every contest.

If we don’t start demanding consistent effort from our more talented players then we are going no where.

having a go at a fp in a game where the forward structure was kick it to him vs three tiger defenders is the height of stupidity

don’t do it

Wholeheartedly agree and I understand your point. Bags isn’t cooked because of a lack of effort. He just can’t impact games at all anymore and players are running off him. Starting to give away too many frees as well, as is clearly frustrated at not being able to impact the game in the ways he would like. I dig his endeavour, but father time has caught up with him. It happens.

Walla needs to improve his consistency - no doubt about it.

Agreed - but let’s extend this to ALL the players picked in the best 22 each week. Look at Ambrose. Not the most talented at all, but he brings such ferocious intensity. So many players didn’t put in the requisite effort for four quarters tonight. For patches - yes. But - not for four full quarters, except for Parish and a few others. And against a disciplined team such as Richmond, those lack of four quarter efforts will be exposed. Walla, Franga, Pidge and even Zaka were all very poor tonight. There were others as well. We simply can’t click as a team at the same time.

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He plays a tough position reliant on so many others.

He is the least of our worries.


34 pressure acts.

Was forced to play a lone hand at ground level because we played 4 tall forwards in wet weather conditions. Meanwhile Richmond had 5 genuine small forwards, all of whom kicked at least one goal.


But he didn’t really try, that’s what people in here are saying…:wink:

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I wonder if people realise we have to replace Stringer and Shiel this week.

Bags and Myers may well come back in, just on the strength of that.

mynott + clarke.

seasons done.

Yes, but don’t give the ball to Mynott deep in RED TIME.


Tippa seems to be a good barometer for how the club is tracking.

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