#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA - till 2022

@Killer_Mike - why are you seemingly ignoring pressure acts stats for Tippa when you’re happy to quote them for other players in other threads?

I think that is his most important role in the team and he is consistently in the club’s top 3 for that. Last night he was huge with 34. People see his lack of goals and just assume he had a bad game. But it’s not all about that.

And Bags…do you see how many pressure acts he had in last game? 3.
He hasn’t had more than 15 all season. I’d say Tippa is a millions miles ahead of Bags even if he doesn’t kick another goal all year


Leading small forward has 20 goals while Tippa has 16 goals - Goal assists - Leading small forward has 12 while Tippa has 7 - I am convinced some don’t understand the role of a small forward - He ends up with 30 goals, 15 Goal assists and more IMPORTANTLY plays his role, then he’s done his job.


A small forward’s output being dependent on the rest of their team’s performance is not a new phenomenon.

I’d focus on fixing our forward structure, ball movement, and delivery inside 50 before worrying about Walla’s performance.


I wasn’t talking about pressure acts.

I was talking about the opportunity to take the ball and do something important with it. I saw on a couple of occasions Walla sat back when he had the opportunity to go in and grab the ball but on both occasions his opponent took it away.

It’s something that Langford gets accused of all the time but Walla is far more experienced and needs to do more.

I think we seriously lack players that want the ball in every situation and that’s why we consistently get beaten in the big games.

We lack the James Hird types that drag us over the line.

That might be fair but I think it’s a big stretch to go dropping him for Baguley as a result. You might know what you’re going to get with Bags, but it will be less than what Walla provides

Yeah, it’s not about getting Bags back into the side.

It’s about setting a standard and dropping under performing senior players.

Fair enough. I guess there are 3 or 4 other senior players I’d be making an example of first.

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I agree.

I was just singling out Walla because I was pretty peeved straight after the game and I didn’t think he had done enough.

There are many more just as inconsistent as Walla.

To Walla’s credit even if he’s not scoring goals he contributes in other ways which is more than can be said of others.

Before he screws it up any more… in the last 16 games he’s scored 32 times.

29 of them were goals.


Oh boy… watch the ball drop on his set shot goal with 6 minutes left in the third quarter. There’s a slo-mo shot where he holds the wet ball from the top in one hand, before triggering the drop by raising his thumb. His fingers don’t extend to the bottom half of the ball. He’s a freaking gecko.

(For comparison there’s an example of how mere mortals do it in the closing slo-mo montage from Heppell.)


And his 100% winning prediction streak this year continues. It’s become so reliable I actually relaxed in the Freo game after he kicked his first goal, and I kept hoping he would kick one in the Dreamtime game.

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Sportsbet should do a “Walla goal and we pay out all Essendon bets” promo


Would probably void the bet



Thanks @Shahid_Afridi. To be clear for others, that top hold was sustained over many frames: ball was glued to his hand. How?!?

(And this came after commentary that this set of indigenous balls was extra painted and hence extra slippery.)

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geez I wonder what your day job is!!

Benfti holding a cushion over his lap rn


Ha ha! I’m at home in bed with my yearly bout of tonsilitis (I must get them out) so more time on my hands than usual. I watched the Carlton game again today and remembered @theDJR post so kept an eye out for it and took some screenshots whilst I was at it. I’m pretty fascinated by all things Tippa and don’t mind telling you that he’s my favourite.


All I see is 3 behinds. I’m more of a glass half empty kind of guy.




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