#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Did I see Walla climb someone at around HBF and almost pull in a screamer some time in the first half or did I dream it later on that night? Starts adding that to his game and he will become a cult legend.


you sure did in the first quarter, he almost held it.


He’ll clunk one soon. Was it against port last year , he went for an outrageous fly but didn’t quite pull it down


In the last qtr Walla was 80m from our goals and we had a kick in, and the Crows have a rule that on a kick in they must match up on the player they are closest to, well Cam Ellis Yolman got Tippa, and Cam said to Tippa " can you please not run Brother" cause he knows how fast Tippa is and Tippa replied with " I’m B l o o d y F u c k e d "

Just thought I would share a little moment between two great Indigenous people.
Also Cam calls him Tipungbooty, cause Walla has a big booty.
Cam can’t speak highly enough about Walla.

Great bloke is Yolman, would love him at our club.




Cool story.


If he held that, even Howe would have to concede it was easily moty


Oh great. Just great.
That means I’m gunna be called Sine Nominbooty.


I’m more of a fan of Sine Bootnomine


… any danger??

Needs to lift late like he did last week.


Where the ■■■■■■ hell is he?


Looks like a run in the VFL coming up for Tippa. Looks lost in 2018.


He’s just letting Green get some supporters.


Being tagged again?


He was in the middle at one stage - is he tagging Fyfe/Neale?


If he’s tagging anyone he should get within 10 metres of them.


We are not good enough to carry barely AFL standard players like tippa.




I think we all know that Tippa is more than AFL standard, but he does seem to be going at half rat-power at the moment.


He’s more than AFL standard but you can’t carry guys playing like he is at the moment, and he’s not alone