#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


He was being sarcastic. Lol.


What’s going on with this guy? Looked lost out there. Apart from the gift he was running around like a headless chicken.


Needs a kick up the ■■■■!


Pretty sure he is being tagged, just needs to work through it


He isn’t being tagged, he is just not working hard enough to get to contests


He’s been shocking for 7 out of 8 quarters so far this year.


Seems to be playing too high and getting lost. Should be inside 50.


Tippa is the type of player who comes into the AFL and whose star burns brightly for a season or two. He’ll play most games this year because he is Tippa and, you know, exciting and stuff. He’ll then fade out over the next couple of years and limp to 100 games.


You take that back!!!


He is adjusting to the oppositions tight checking in the first few rounds.
I also think we should be judging him firstly on his pressure acts then his impact with the ball.

I think it would be good to bring Long in as well to add to our defenisive leg speed up forward


Stop making excuses for him. He is not working nearly as hard as what he needs to be at the moment. Play him this week and if it’s the same, drop him


In that case, he must be dropped for this week’s game.


I think he started last year fairly poorly too if I recall?


Nope, started the year off with 2 great games.


Really needs Fantasia back in the side, as he draws the number one defender. This last couple of weeks has shown that Tippa still has a long way to go in becoming an A grade small forward, but hopefully the experience of getting locked down by the best defender will help him in the future. No doubt he will lift with his mate Raz back in the team.


Bahaha… yeah they don’t tag elite players that win games, repeatedly.



I actually thought that might happen after his first season, but he really surprised last year.

I’m not worried about him… Not yet, anyway.


Who’s elite? Thought we were in the Tippa thread


Sick of reading this bullshit about he’ll be better when Raz is back? wtf?
He’s been around long enough to know now how to play in the senior team without someone to hold his hand!


I think the evidence has shown so far in Tippa’s very short career, that he doesn’t travel interstate and play well.

Maybe he feels overwhelmed and a bit threatened by big opposition crowds. He’s definitely a confidence player. I’d let him settle into the team, now we have a run of home games. Let the Essendon supporters carry him into some form.