#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Fark players feelings, some of them need a solid talking to.


I’d say it’s less about hand-holding, and more about ORAZIO getting the number 1 small defender, which Tippa has been getting in ORAZIO’S absence.

Although, to be fair, it might be about hand-holding.



Sounds like the entire team needs a concrete pill.


you’re saying you wouldn’t want to hold hands with O R A Z I O?


It’s all I think about.




Watched him closely and looks to be injured.

Groin or something?


Fpressure was immense and provides an option down the wings with gut running

Becoming a 4th QTR specialist


Hows about being a 4 quarter specialist?
Hats off to him un the last though


happy birthday Walla


Sent a birthday message to Hartley’s fiancé too. What a top bloke!


pretty sure if you marry one, you marry both.


Woosha should be sacked just for continuing to play an underdone player.

Walla is clearly injured and is just playing on heart but it’s not helping the club.


Had a crack.


He was one of the few that was constantly trying today.


Really feel for him. Obviously not fully fit but still works his guts out. Wish a lot of the others had half the amount of heart he shows.

And don’t get me started on why they keep putting the ball in the air to him when he’s in a one on two (or more) against taller opponents. We’ll end up killing him. He’s not Alwyn Davey you know.


At one point, they kicked to him for a 1-3 contest. ■■■■■■ ridiculous. Wish our players would have better decision making than that.


Played the Davey at CHF role today

Classic Essington


It’s beyond terrible. The guy is working so hard to provide an option, so we reward him by kicking it on his head and making him stand under the high ball and get crunched.


I have no idea how it’s been almost a decade since the Davey CHF experiment failed and we are STILL DOING IT, but worse, we don’t even kick it to him anymore we kick it over his head or at his feet.