#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Daniher kicked into the 50 to TBell and put it at his knees. His next kick went into the 50 to tippa and went a foot over his head.

Classic daniher and classic Essington


It’s like the other players want to intentionally hurt him with their retarded passing to him.


It still happens far too often, but I do distinctly recall a few passes laid out in front of him to run on, Wednesday.
Then again - they were probably just wayward kicks.


And ‘Classic Essington’ that it’s Daniher kicking to Tippa instead of vice versa.


In the mid to late 90s we used to have a game plan that involved skilfull players of the ilk of Hird, Mercuri, and Misiti, winning the ball in close and breaking into space only to handball to Ben Doolan jogging beside them for delivery forward. All credit to Doolan for his workmanlike endeavour but I always hoped he’d take charge in the rooms and say “you realise you guys are much better kicks than me right? Let me lay the shepherd, and you kick it to Lloyd.”

Re:Sitting it on Tippa’s head: it is surprising how well he does in that situation. But not what we want.


At his height and where it’s placed is not good but it must be said that Walla’s overhead marking has improved out of sight in the past couple of years. It was a low base to begin with but a deficiency in his game improved upon.


I don’t get why we rest spuds when Tippa is clearly carrying an injury and we keep sticking him back out there. I mean, good on him for toughing it out for the team, but if we ■■■■ him up long term I will be ropable.


You answered your own question

He is not a spud and he is tough enough to play through it.

Maybe if Raz is back for Hawks they’ll rest Tippa


What injury is he carrying for those that seem to think he is injured? If he was, there is no way he would be playing against Melbourne after a 4 day break.


What’s his injury, do you know?


He looked injured on Anzac Day to me.


He looked his best for the year, for a while I was thinking the huge bandage was an elaborate bluff. Collingwood roughed him up pretty well though.


Had about 800 rolls of tape on his knee against the Pies…


Sure did, should be rested Sunday, he’s too important to our side.


Yep, and definition came away from a few contests with a noticeable limp


Playing his 50th game tomorrow. A true good news story for the club. However, we don’t have the best history in acknowledging a milestone by playing too well.


I also suspect he is playing sore.

On Wed wasn’t able to run down opponents.

For those saying rest him, a lot of players play sore in season. If all sore players did not play there probably wouldn’t be a game to watch.

Could be a simple as copped a corky vs Port and carried it into Anzac day. Also crystal balling here but he might have only been able to get up for the match due to the x10 day break between games.


Looks like he’s at about 50% capacity


Woosha said in an interview something to the effect of “some players are sore like Raz but should probably be good for ANZAC day”

Definitely puts weight to your idea


We should not be playing injured or sore players. We have ample young blokes chomping at the bit in the VFL and ready for their chances.

I’d far rather a young bloke giving 110% than an established player going at 50%.

I am not convinced our player physical management has been at the same level as previous years.