#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Can’t recall seeing it before the game last week but Walla has a massive compression bandage around his left knee.

I don’t see the sense in playing a guy half cooked unless of course rest will not heal it.

Credit to Walla for playing through it!


I would like to think that if Green or Fantasia were available we wouldn’t.


He is clearly injured but he gives it his all from the first minute to the last minute. Still trying to smother, tackling, chasing.

Well done tippa


Are you prepared when that approach causes hypothetically a 100pt loss to collingwood. And its season over in rd 5 vs season over in round 6


Another that should be dropped


Thought he had a good game today - Did most of the things you want from a small forward.


Can’t we rest him? I know he’s still playing better than others injured but his knee is clearly affecting him and I don’t want us to risk him doing further damage. Just fckn rest him.


This guy escapes so much criticism.

If anyone else (like Green or Zaharakis) did as little as Tippa has done this year, there would be outrage.


Needs to be rested.

He never gets out of third gear.

Can’t run at all.


He isn’t right but then again with no Green and Fantasia he is getting on the park and still offering some pressure. Imagine how worse our forwardline pressure would be without him?




Spot on. Was worst on ground today and with the exception of one game, I would argue that he has been the worst performed player in our side this year. Has lost his run and rarely lays a tackle anymore. 3 kicks and 2 tackles for the day today and these numbers are typical of his season to date. Keeps his place in the side based on 1/2 season of good footy (the first half of 2017). Has done very little since. Needs a spell.


i think the opposite, I say we throw him in the midfield in replacing Myers

He is everything Myers isn’t, defensive, fast, quick hands, good kick and plays his heart out, also has that x factor


One season wonder.


Entire gameplan relies on forward pressure and the guy who we need to do it doesn’t do it. Either not fit or just no good, I suspect it’s the latter.


He was in the midfield for the last quarter and fumbled anytime the ball went near him.


Probably lost his touch with the ground ball because everybody kicks it to the top of his head in the forward line.


I reckon hes either a) injured or b) didn’t get a preseason. looks cooked by quarter time. can’t seem to get the frantic pace hes had of yesteryear


yeah damn tippa

how come he is not winning the 3 v 1’s when we kick it over his head to their advantage every time


He is injured.

But he keeps suiting up because we have no one else because our recruiting is ■■■■