#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


He’s clearly carrying


Just by his lack of movement, he has to be carrying.
Why we continue to play him injured is baffling when we could be developing a youngster.
The way he is, its compounding our lack of spread and our forward half pressure.


Shadow of his former self.



Yeah we were all asking that at work this week. He isn’t working hard like he was last year. Maybe he can see that no one else is so why bother? Maybe he is carrying some sort of injury? Maybe he is being played out of position? Maybe he hasn’t got a clue what is expected of him (I tend to favour that last one)?


He is injured, I’m hoping once Fanta is fit they will rest him


Why would the club be playing an injured player?


They won’t.

If you are talented and aren’t absolutely pummeled into the ground, then you aren’t an Essendon player.

He’ll be turned into dust by round 14ish.


Coz the cupboard is bare as ■■■■


Some gun players drop away real quick. Hope this ain’t the case here. But something IS wrong, above or below the shoulders. Probably both.
Avoided many tackles, any kind of clash, ran past the ball esp on back line. Rest


We have a lot of younger players in the VFL. You say it is bare yet they are never played. So play them and see if they are any good because playing Tippa and some of the others isn’t exactly producing good results.


Who is the up and coming defensive forward in the 2’s right now not getting a game?

Jackson Merrett?


So… like Joey?


I didn’t say they were up and coming, I said just play the young guys because an injured Tippa is doing jack all in the seniors anyway. Not having him there isn’t going to screw up the structure, because we do not have one of those anyway.


Yeah it does. Game is all about locking the ball in, frontal third etc… we are slow as all get out. Laverde, Stringer, Daniher and Stewart forward o green no Fanta. Tippa one one leg is still our best forward pressure player.


Literally the only forward that gets to the right spots consistently


Looks utterly cooked, beyond cooked. If he’s injured, rest him. If he’s not, drop him.




Long should have been developing in that role.

Has all tools for it in my opinion.


Frog ■■■■! It’s got f all to do with ■■■■ lists and everything to do with injuries. But let’s not miss a chance to sink the boot in.


Who can play Tippa’s role with Tippa gone?