#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


I think we have about 17 other players playing the Tippa role right now.


Worsfold said there is nothing physically wrong with Tippa.


So is Ben wrong or is Woosha lying?


It has become officially impossible to believe a word Worsfold says.


Just because Tippa has started wearing heavy strapping on one knee doesn’t mean Woosha is lying…except it probably does.


I’m saying that with Green and Fanta injured we don’t exactly have any back ups. This was a problem late last year and we didn’t address it in the off season. Our forward line works when we have 3 smalls providing defensive pressure. We have half right now with no back up.

We needed to be developing one more in that spot instead we again drafted a project flanker

You can’t deny that


We have 3 quite good small forwards, and although we prefer to play them all together, we can do nicely with two and a medium. The trouble at the moment is that two have been missing with injury, and one, who is out of form, and more than likely injured himself, cannot do it alone. Having another quality small forward would be nice, but is hardly a priority.


Given how evident it was late last year how badly it effected our forwardline when Green did his ankle and Raz his hammy, and that we intended to run Raz and Walla through the middle more this year. I would have said it should have been one of our major priorities, but to each their own I guess. Sub standard delivery inside 50 can be covered better with 3 smalls holding the ball down there.

Either way it’s coming home to roost this year.


So much has been rubbish this year it incredible. But another small forward would be a long way down my list of priorities. Decent assistant coaches, a couple of good mids over 23cm’s, a big key defender, another quality ruck, and someone who can cover for Gleeson off HB would all be ahead in my pecking order.

Lots of things roosting this year Ben.


I thought their option was Begley? That’s how they are playing him. Sadly he did his knee.


He his more a lab in my mind, we needed a spare terrier. Again, I hope Begley ends up a mid.

I feel like this is a massive area we needed a developing player in, even if it was for the domino coverage of playing Raz on the ball more


Shock horror…guy who was overlooked for years and come through VFL has limitations and isn’t much good.


He could have had 3 goals. Which on a day like this would have been good for a small forward. But they just butchered the ball going forward today. Tough work being a forward today.


Is clearly carrying something. His top pace is way below the first half of last year.


Agree with all of that, our key defender stocks project well with Zerk, Ridley and Fletcher next year. Mynott should end up a big mid but his lack of pace will hurt him at AFL level and I’ve got no issue with Houlihan specificly but it would have been hardly stucturly if he was faster and shorter given we have Lav, Lang, Stringer, Begley and Redman who all play mid forward.

To me that was the pick we should have grabbed a SF instead we grabbed 6th in line in a postition I’m not convinced suits us best structurally


I would be interested in some thoughts on who you would have picked last year in the draft to play in that role?


Our worst i50’s for the season and people are coming after a small forward

Get real


To me, Zerk is quite a way off, Ridley is not a big key defender, and we don’t even know whether Fletcher is even good enough yet. And even if he is, he’s miles away from being an AFL key defender. I don’t think it’s even possible to make any sort of call on Mynott yet. I have doubts over Lav’s future, I reckon it’s a fair bet that Langford will want to leave, and Redman is a defender not medium forward. I think small forward is way down the list of our needs.


If I had the pick I would have picked Dom Barry or Gordon Narrier


Evidently so did the club