#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


willie rioli 2 years ago


This thread about to get spicy.


What a load of rot. Myers had 19 possessions and 6 clearances. Tippa did nothing, just like he has all year.


you want Long to get a run in the seniors. Where do you want him to play?


Jackson didn’t play any worse than Tippa in the last two games.


Been following Dom Barry since he’s an emergency on my Supercoach bench and would just like to say, No.


The wing, he can hit a target by foot, tackle and chase


I know, and Tippa is hurt, what does that say for Jackson


Tippa shouldn’t be playing if he’s hurt. If he’s well enough to take the field, he’s well enough to perform at his best.




Send him back to the VFL for a week to play midfield and gather some touch. He needs to get his hands on the footy.

Then bring him back in and play him as a rebounding defender who piles on the pressure - which is and has always been his best role.


Yes. Tippa has not yet reached the stage where being 3/4 fit is better than someone else 100% fit.


Agree, I really want him rested until he is right


I reckon it’s a fkn cop out and a excuse for him playing ■■■■. He might have a niggle, but a lot of players do. He moves fine throughout the game for the most part. He’s fumbling everything atm


A shadow of last year.

He is really costing us in forward pressure.

Opposition teams use to fear him and be rattled if the ball was in our forwardline and they rushed the ball out making mistakes

Now he is the hunted with teams tackling and running him down


Not really. Raz, Tippa and Green were our forward pressure. Hooker, when he didn’t mark the ball, bought it to ground. Of those 4 players, one played in the forwardline yesterday.


I was at the MCG yesterday. Could someone please tell me:
(a) Is Tippa either injured and/or unfit?
(b) why is it that he lacks the explosive pace/closing speed he had at the start of last year?
© why does he not go the ball? Since the middle of last year he has seemed to develop a number of bad habits, including not going for the ball in a contest, rather, hanging back in hope of tackling, but also running to dead spaces where the ball will never go.

I would love to see an isocam from up in the grandstand following Tippi all day to highlight this and show the spaces he doesn’t run to, the contests he doesn’t get to, etc.

He offers nothing at the moment. With Stringer and Tippi we have two forwards who on a good day might do 2 or 3 electric things, but are next to useless otherwise. You can carry one of those types, but not two.

Whether he is playing forward to in the middle it is no different. Time either for a rest or a spell in the VFL sorry Tippi.


Why does there someone have to be banging down the door to drop Tippa? If he’s not right he needs to be rested until he is. Jackson Merrett can come in as the next best option, or Long. No they’re not that great but that’s why they’re in the 2s. It’s not an upgrade, it’s getting Tippa right. It’s the same as Joe. Then they come back when they’re ready.

…Or maybe the reason every single player is seemingly out of form is because they’re being coached incredibly poorly…


“Why does there have to be someone banging down the door to drop Tippa?”
Simple - look at his performances, they are not up to scratch.

If he’s not right then get him out of the team, but look at his performances across the last 10-15 games and he has given very little. He is a passenger who pops up occasionally with a highlights reel moment then does nothing for the next month.


You’re agreeing with me, not disagreeing, you’ve misunderstood my point.