#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


It is almost like we don’t want to drop players, with Langford the obvious exception, as we may hurt their feelings or shatter their confidence. Clubs like Sydney and Hawthorn don’t seem to hesitate in dropping a player back if needed. Either rest Tippa or play in the VFL for a couple of weeks. Same with JD. Kick a bag then come back. Dell is right


@ Dell: OK, that’s fair enough! But Tippi he can’t be carried in the seniors anymore, he doesn’t deserve another charity game, better to blood a kid


That’s exactly my point - I agree.

FWIW I think it’s because he’s carrying an injury. It’s not form IMO.


Whatever it is, I don’t pretend to know, but choosing to not go at the ball is a decision-making / form / confidence issue


Tippa wears a knee bandage at training. Surely it must be niggling him


Whatever it is I sure hope he gets fitness/form/confidence back soon.


A former indiginous player said to me recently that Sheedy let indiginous players like Long and Rioli play there natural game and not subject them to a strict game plan. He believes that Walla is being stopped playing his natural game and that he is not being suported enough by teammates.

Seems to me, he is injured.


Give him 2 weeks rest. The guy just doesn’t look right


Any decent game plan should play to the teams strangths. This must include Walla being himself, unpredictably good, and the same as he was last year.

Just seems to have the dark cloud of “the Gameplan” settling on him.


That appears to be the whole team and club actually. No more fun podcasts like the Hard Tag, all serious stuff and I’ve turned off from it. No more care free attacking, all strict and boring.


Unfortunately the game has moved way past that know. Now days it’s all about structures and positioning. It is not possible to have an effective structure if there are guys just freewheeling as they wish. That happens and things start to break down.


Cyril Rioli

Eddie Betts

Structures ??

They are allowed to create their magic.


Feel sorry for the bloke is busting a nut on one leg.


They both play to structures. If you can’t see that you aren’t watching.


That’s not on the club, actually.


Dusty Martin has liberty to create his own magic as well. Amazing what can happen when you let players play on instinct.


Players or other guy dropped it?


If you want to see it back, nag the players.


Cannot agree with you there Boot.

And these structures are destroying Joey and our ability to kick a score.


Sounds like a cross between Heather Mills and Jesse Hogan.