#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Now that we know that Joe has been playing injured… What’s the story with Walla? Is he playing injured too?


Be fair. When the team is in trouble, you have to stagger the good news stories…


Think you need to come up with a better alternative than Jackson Merrett


Another player playing injured
no wonder why we are ■■■■■■■ ■■■■
2 players in our forward line playing injured

[nothing been confirmed but reckon he is playing hurt]


It’s all going to come out now.
Walla has been playing injured
Zerrett has been playing concussed
Goddard has been playing with anger issues
Heppell has been playing with the burden of leadership
Hopefully this is a chance to regroup. Make some serious personnel changes and get on the right track


Myers has playing with Wooshas nutz.


The large strapping in his knee that wasn’t there R1 and his limp kinda gives it away.


And 3 others out injured…


Ever since those fancy “Walla Socks” came out he’s gone down hill!


I think he needs a week’s rest. Then, when he comes back, he just needs to be allowed to use his natural football nous to do what he does best.


Nah. Let’s wait until the media get their knives out, he plays extremely embarrassing football & he fully farks his knee.


Who’d have thought our dynamite kick razzle dazzle hb would be a terrible chf.


Those 3 games in 11 days would have been a good opportunity to find a period of rest.


First of all I don’t blame Walla. He’s obviously been carrying an injury.

But I’d love to see the stat if how many times we’ve spotted him up this year and due to his obvious lack of agility and pace (his trademarks) we’ve coughed it up.



Agree Boot. Zerk is definitely a project type. Ridley to me is more of a rebounding type, similar to a Vlaustin type, hardly a big key defender.

I kind of agree with Ben on Houlahan though. IMO, we have too many in between types. I think Begley will be a mid in time & obviously we’re trying to transition Langford into that as well, although I have doubts whether that will be a success.

To add Houlahan to a list that already features Begley, Langford, Laverde, Stringer etc I think Ess surplus to requirements.

IMO, we needed a small, quick forward for defensive pressure to release Fantasia into the midfield more than a Houlahan type. Also, a small defensive forward to play on the Betts, Garlett, Cameron types to replace a Baguley.

I don’t think McNeice fits that profile, I don’t think he was the speed or smarts to play on those types. Saad has been played on some of those guys with some success but I think the original idea of getting Saad was from an attacking viewpoint, use his run to break the lines off half back and penetrate the F50, not lockdown deep in the D50.

Obviously the recruiting team know more than I do but I’d have thought strengthening the midfield was the priority over the off season. I think Fantasia can do that but his role in the forwardline needs to be filled first and a player to help cover that would’ve been near the top of my list. Ben is right in that we struggled towards the end of last year when Fantasia & Green were out with injury and too much left to Walla. I think these players are out there too, they shouldn’t cost a lot draft pick wise but they’re most valuable in the current climate where pressure is key.


Another protected species.

This season 8 games, 8 goals averaging 53% scoring accuracy.
Averaging 11 disposals at 64% accuracy.

If Josh Green averaged these stats he would be burnt at the stake.

Needed a spell in the twos weeks ago, surely even Redman should have been given a go ahead of him???


The credits in the bank have run out. He’s been FCKN SH*T bar about 3 collective quarters all year. OUT YOU GO.


Yep. See ya


looks to have lost a yard of pace, injured? bad pre-season fitness program?


He looks slow.
Tippa looks slow, and has for a while.
I don’t think it’s purely form. I think he needs a rest rather than to be playing VFL.