#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


I don’t reckon he’s ever been that quick

This is definitely a case of form imo. It’s not the first times he’s gone completely missing for a extended period


I think completely missing is a bit harsh.
He had seven tackles, which to me at least implies intent.
I agree he needs to get in the game more, I think if Daniher and Tippa have good games then we’re not going to lose very often, I just disagree on why he’s not doing that.


Tippa is criminally over-rated on these boards and is a classic example of a player that needs to play his role due to his deficiencies in his game.

Sadly when you have a team devoid of structure and support, a player of his elk is exposed. Added he is carrying and injury/ playing unfit.

I would give him a spell


As with last week - Tippi and Stringer offer maybe two or three electric moments per game but go missing for the rest. Maybe a team can carry one player like that, but not two. I’m really hoping Tippi finds his pace, tackling pressure and attack like that he showed when first in the team, but if not, he needs to either be omitted until healthy, or dropped until in form. Running him through the midfield is not the answer. But I could say just about exactly the same about Stringer (except to wonder why he was recruited).


I reckon many of you should have another look at the replay.

Walla didnt star but he did heaps of support work for others in the forward line and around the ground. Not as much pressure as last year, but still much more than most.




He played without strapping on his knee, so maybe he is on the improve in that department and will be freer with him play.


There is another tippa running around for the Swans in the neafl kicking goals. He’s unlisted i believe. Anyone know anything about him.


That’s Adam. He’s been on the radar for a little while. Was in the Lions academy.

He was also in my hype list 2 years ago


I think he needs to go to the VFL, isn’t doing enough for AFL. Probably wouldn’t get a game at a lot of other clubs. He isn’t the future. He’s a cult hero and that’s about it.



Looks a touch overweight this year. Needs a spell


It’s a vibe thing - just not there with Tippa at the moment. Something needs to change. Whether it a spell in the VFL or a change in role - don’t know. Just want the old Tippa back.


There’s a Tipungwuti playing in NEAFL for Sydney.
What relation is he to Tippa and what do you know about him?
Is he in our academy?


Looks promising…


Bring Him In.


Cousin, and no, he is/was in the Lions academy


I hope so. Seems like such a lovely and humble guy - he’s recent performances don’t do him justice.

Want to see him get better and better and not just stagnate.


He’ll end up on a list for sure


Imagine if we had Davey Tippa and Jetta all in the same forward line


Nah, 3 blokes playing CHF wouldn’t work…