#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA




No word of a lie but this guy done a “Royal Wave” when asking for someone to lead up to him when he was taking the ball up the ground today.

  • It may be the Wild Turkey


Looked to have more zip tonight.

Still had the ball kicked on his head a couple of times but thought he was good.

Enjoying having Fanta and Baguley beside him.


Great to have him finally show up at Round 9.


No knee bandage.
The old good Tippa returns.

Sports science is simple sometimes.


No thanks. Davey only had a 1-2 really good years, and Jetta was generally dissappointing.

I’ll take Tippa, Raz and Boris or maybe Moorcroft.


Agreed Nev, Jetta was about as good as Cockatoo-Collins

Darren ‘have a shot’ Bewick, Moorcroft, possibly Fantasia if he keeps going would be the first three small forwards to pick from the past 20 something years


Much better yesterday, great to see from Tippi.

Whatever was suggested to make some players pull the finger out, it worked yesterday (perhaps a reminder that it might be only 13 rounds until some of them become automatic selections for the Doutta Stars or equivalent), good luck and congratulations to all


@benfti would have to beat it down with a rock.


And people wanted to drop him haha


Well, yes we wanted to drop him. He has been playing poorly, and now it is difficult to know why. Can’t have been injury if he can suddenly pull out a game like that.

Still not in top form, but it felt like the Tippa we know and love finally showed up.

I’d love to know what turned his form around.


he’s been ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ this season until this game. with nothing to show that’d hed not continue to be ■■■■ until this very ■■■■■■■ game.

the only reason he hasn’t been dropped was because the other small forwards have been injured and long hasn’t done enough to deserve promotion.


Tippa is back!


I actually think Tippa was going ok and tbf played with a strapped knee for a few weeks.


Prefers playing as part of a team?


Seemed close to his normal quality yesterday.

Was he carrying a bad corkie from R1 for past 7 weeks? (I say this bc was at the R1 match and he was double teamed and copped a lot of physical punishment).


Hopefully us


Absolutely agree. People have FAR too much of a soft spot for him and just remember him getting on the end of a goal when we’re 6 goals down and completely forget that he’d been ■■■■ for the entire game up until that point for basically every game this year. Reckon he has the golden ticket for getting away with lazy performances (or injury). He had a good last quarter against Adelaide in Round 1 and has been utterly below par in every game until yesterday.


@Riolio @Paul_Peos

Zaharakis all over again