#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Needs to cut his hair and start looking respectable.


‘Tipping-woody’ according to Sandy Roberts.

Not to mention one of Ed’s faves ‘Gwilfy’


looked to be running unhindered for the first time in a bit


Every time Sandy said that it made me a little sick. Could have a brilliant bit of commentary just to punch me in the guts with “tipping”. Just read the guys name for Christ’s sake!




That’s pretty good. If it weren’t one of those flat peak hi rise things I’d buy a few.




Tippa wouldn’t want you wearing it anyway.


Get with the times old man.








I will henceforth refer to “Marvel Stadium” as “Walla Stadium”


shoulda been fitted dammit


No love for Mercuri then?

Tippa looked to be moving better, faster and unhindered for the first time in weeks. Coincidence that with this greater freedom of movement he also rediscovers some pace and form? l think not.


Mark Mercuri - of course, yes he has such silky skills.

Good call @Captain_Jack, plenty of love for Mercuri, how could I forget him? (Though I remember forlornly sitting in the top deck of the old Ponsford Stand that fateful September day in 1999).


That’s where I was sitting that day.

Can still picture Dean Wallis with the ball in the middle, running away from us, yelling “kick it”…


Watching the replay and the stats do a
massive disservice to Tippa’s game. He worked his ■■■■ off and had some great touches. Chased everything.


Had some great moments in the last. That tap back through his legs to release Zaha was awesome. Ditto the tackle on Whitfield in the centre which led to zaha’s goal


Yep, slowly getting his mojo back.


his deft touches and pressure acts create goals, great game walla walla mc tippa