#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


I think some criticism of the club is warranted here. If Tippa was carrying some injury that was reducing his speed, they should not have been playing him - instead they should have been focused on getting him physically right. We can see what happens when Tippa is right - he has a greater impact on the game.


The full stop should have come after ‘speed’
Like this:

"I think some criticism of the club is warranted here if Tippa was carrying some injury that was reducing his speed. They should not have been playing him.

See, that way, it makes sense :slight_smile:


@beefa @Deckham yes, agreed. Tippi has been in better form in recent weeks and if we was not able to play atthe level required in previous weeks then for sure he should have been dropped. Something clicked back into place whether physically, mentally, structurally with the team (or a bit of each), in the last two weeks, so credit to Tippi for getting back to what we love from him. :slight_smile:


due for a big game is Tippa, will kick 4 tonight


Very lucky tonight with his goals.

Nowhere near 2017 form


Looks unfit. One of his goals was a gift tonight. Ten disposals. Tired of his quiet games. He should be a difference maker


Time for a reality check. No tackle no play. Prefer to see him back where he can burst, meanwhile Irish can have week or two off after last night


He often had 3 or 4 opponents.

He is at his best in a pressuring forward line, which we do not have. Put Green and Orazio in there and he plays better.


He’s getting some zip back, which is great. Clearly injured earlier this year

But he’s getting burnt by some deplorable coaching structures. The fact that he can sometimes halve an outnumbered situation is a bonus, but we seem to set up relying on it! Sooo many games this year he’s the one trying to decide which of three loose defenders he’s best off trying to shut down. He’s the bloke sprinting from 40 meters away to get to an opponent because everyone else thinks they’re meant to protect a patch of grass.

We’ve reduced him to a largely reactionary player , almost entirely through coaching setups.

Go one on one in our forward line and let him be a threat again. Or continue as we are and let Blitz deride a guy who’s trying to plug holes, not drill them.

Tippa is a glaring symptom of a useless and/or disfunctional gameplan.


Agreed 100% in that they are basically playing him at CHF as he is the only one that can get back. Problem seems to be is that he has zero tank left.

I saw him have two opponents all night, and for that it’s not his fault our entire fwd line went up to full back, however watching him not bother to close space on an Opponent, and then give a half arsed chase. Unacceptable. He has played maybe two or three good quarters the whole year.
Unfortunately dropped to VFL or rested if need be.




It is madness to assess Tippa’s contribution by how many possessions he has.
On Saturday, we had 56 inside 50s to Richmond’s 59, more tackles, more contested possessions,m more clearances. Stats don’t tell the story.
Tippa plays some of the best 12 possession games I have ever seen.
Some players can have 20 to 30 possessions and only be mediocre, handy contributors. Tippa can have 12 and be among the best most valuable contributors in the team.


I reckon he’s stacked on a few kgs. He hardly looks fit to me


Don’t anyone say it.


Walla is being “out coached” , nothing to do with his form.

He does his best work in the contest, but is being left all alone in a vacant forward area with at least two and sometimes three Richmond opponents on Saturday night.

He needs to be in the play under the pack where his quick hands, great touch and sharp brain does the damage. And his opponents are aware of his tackling and closing speed, and Richmond combated him well.

That said, he still looks injured or sore and may need a rest.


Numerous times, when we had the ball at half back, Tippa was a kick ahead of play but jogging away from the kicker rather than leading towards him.


I’ve seen two games this year where he’s made a positive difference. At least four where he’s made a negative one.


Stats don’t tell the full story? What heresy is this?

Next, you’ll say Champion Data is waste of space and those fantasy comps useless?


TIPPA’s hand skills versus Brisbane were back to top form. Did a stack of really difficult things completely effortlessly.


he’s a top bloke our Walla