#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA




He’s been very indifferent this year IMO. Fantasia & Colyer being missing for a big chunk clearly didn’t help and Green missing likely compounded it leaving more up to him. I think he’s carried a slight knee complaint through much of the year too. Bye comes at a good time. Hopefully he’s refreshed and brings some of his past consistency.


Although I agree in part we have had Raz, Green, Colyer and Begley out for much of the year. With the game being all about defensive pressure in the forward line I think Tippa just needed to play sore.


I think he has been improving as the season has gone on. I haven’t got any information to back that up, so may be incorrect. Just feel he is starting to get back to being more than simply a forward half defender.


I agree with you. He has started this year very slowly but has clearly been improving.


Yep he started awfully, but he’s been getting better as the year goes on. Thought he was excellent against the Lions.


Ease up Donny.


Excuse me that’s Mr Healy to you.


Another one who looks like he has done 5 years development in one. Mike Fitzpatprick must be going crazy.


He’s been sh*t the majority of the year. It’s about time he found some consistently, and some better output. He’s gone backwards this year


He’s just been saving himself to rock your world in a couple of weekends time.


Can’t believe Tippa / Walla hasn’t been mentioned yet, he was all class, his pressure, vision and skill execution were a delight to see. Back to his best, which is plenty good.


BOOM!!! Is that the ground shaking?


Pure class.


eddie does that its goal of the year


He seemed to find space in the corridor all night and was extremely damaging. Surprised he wasn’t named in our bests.


Best game from him this year by far.
Really hope he has 'learnt’some stuff this year going through the middle more, and he can make that game last night closer to his norm.


When walla stands up in the middle of thefucking ground surrounded by 5 opponents like its ■■■■■■■ nothing, you know ■■■■■ about to go down.


Just another example of stats being meaningless, he has copped it around here a bit due to this. With him it is quality & impact on games that is more important.

He has had some poor games, but not as bad overall as some make out. Will never be a huge accumulator.


I can’t agree with this, he was deplorable the first 2 months.