#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Because that’s what people do on here when one of the favorites has a good game, they re-write history and say they have been playing well all season and ‘i told you so’, doesn’t make sense to me.


More often than not, when he’s delivering the ball inside 50, we’re kicking goals.


tippa is so important because as we’ve seen vs fark carlton, when he gets off the leash he can turn a game in a matter of minutes

also for some strange reason teams give him paddocks of space in the 4th to cut them up going inside 50

was good to see him doing those freak show things in the fwdline again, the almost trips over then perfectly kicked goal was something i dont think many players in the league could pull off, cept dev smith but that’s coz he’s a ■■■■■■■ legendboss.


Walla is flying under the radar imo happy for him to quitely go about his buisness


Correct. I think the two most important stats for Walla are Inside 50s and tackles. They show his offensive and defensive contribution to the team more than disposals.

Since the Carlton game his I50s have more than doubled from 1.4 to 3,0 per game. So have his tackles from 2.7 to 5.7 per game. (His total disposals have barely changed from 11.1 to 11.5. )

I’m not sure if his round 1-7 performance was due to injury, form or game plan, but it’s good to have the old Walla back!


Walla won goal of the round!


as he should’ve, was a much better goal than the other 2 :slight_smile:


Bbbbbut Treloar said Howes mark was deserving


hi eddie.


Howe’s mark was that good it should have won goal of the round


this was such a dean rioli 43 special, just bump vortexed the opponent off the ball, uses the bounce off to propel him in the opposite direction forward and delivers cool as you like uncontested pinpoint pass to smack who goals


ten minutes later, was in the standing area at this end for this and saw in real time, absolute magician, centremetre perfect, who even attempts that

Tippa does


Merrett was insanely skilled/smart on that one too, not taking possession per se but simply guiding the ball to his foot. Take possession = no kick before being dumped.


About time some of our players started throw…er…handballing like Richmond players.


I’m a fan of the no-look over the shoulder handball, but the momentum has to come from the first, not the hand holding the ball.
The key is to give it some air so the player running on to it can adjust.
Hit it too flat and you’re just asking a turnover.




Just such a pure footballer.

I reckon Smith is smarter, but Walla has instinct that can’t be taught. Not sure where that leaves McKernan


Liked his game tonight, linked up well through the midfield.


The guy is like a cat.


I reckon the coaches will be happy with his year. He takes the game in and sometimes it works and it’s magic, other times he gets caught HTB or he misses a shot and it looks bad because we know what he’s capable of.
I don’t reckon there was any chance of him getting dropped, I reckon he provides a real spark (even when not on song) and the team would be devo if he wasn’t out there.