#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


But that’s the same for everyone, so we’re back where we started


No, because it is ‘random’


Doesn’t he post here?


What if you’re short of a leg?


Yes but the initial point was Tippa was ranked as the 2nd fastest in the league. Ie comparatively.
And they’re all measured using the same tool.
It’s hard to argue that it’s measuring him faster and other players slower (or vice versa)

Unless you want to disregard all the data entirely because there’s some inherent inaccuracy. Which seems silly.


Well there’s nothing in it for you then.
So hop along, there’s a good girl.


Catapult Sports - who supply the GPS units - claim 10cm accuracy at grounds where their ‘Local Positioning System’ has been installed. This is was installed at Etihad Stadium a couple of years ago but has probably been rolled out at the other main grounds by now.


I’m not arguing that. I’m just saying its not very accurate (in fact its randomly inaccurate).

Sometimes it could be measuring him faster, sometimes slower, sometimes by a little bit, sometimes by a lot. It’s accurate enough to know if somebody is running at a speed of 37Kph v 20Kph. But not 37.1 v 37.2

Regardless. They are all quicker then me (OK…maybe not Myers)


AFL posted random stats for each team. One of ours included Walla. Apparently has the most run down tackles of anyone in the league this year.


That’s a circular argument.


Myers is not slow (top speed).

He goes past a few to run down Nathan Wilson at full pelt in the first few minutes of that Freo game, he got Harbrow once too a number of years ago.

Terrible agility, and not particularly good acceleration, but when he gets going, his top speed is nothing to worry about.


They’re everywhere now, recording & releasing all the GPS data was included in the last CBA.

No wonder Jobey had issues with it! :wink:


Best game for the club tonight.


Was about to say. Been immense


Yes, but Only half have been paid as frees.


magic like stars


Brings some amazing energy to the team. Great disposal, great pressure.

How he wasn’t paid that free for the HTB tackle of Jones I will never know. Went off my nut when that wasn’t paid!


Just my observation.

Walla looked to be limping badly when he came off the ground, up the race and into the rooms at games end. He appeared to go in a different direction to the other players once in the rooms and I couldn’t see him in the team circle singing the club song at the end.

It maybe nothing… just pointing out what I think I saw.


And you know what? He doesn’t care. He just keeps running them down. Go Walla.


Was so clean last night.

Makes it look like he has grippo on his hands at all times but how he just picks the ball up first time no matter the pressure or speed he is going at.

Champion player.