#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Looks to be limping heavily this morning on channel 9 news.


how good was this guy today?



He generated all of our goals.

Just does things that no one else in the league can do.


Putting Tippa in the middle shows what our midfeild is missing winning contestd ball and pace


Was our best by a mile. Some of the kicks he delivered to the leading forwards were magnificent


Things happen when he touches the ball


Can play in defence.
Can play forward.
Isn’t a massive liability in marking contests anymore.
Makes amazing midfield clearances.

Barely got drafted.


I keep wondering how good he could be if he was fit… imagine him doing what he does plus an extra 10 touches and many more involvements …


he is frickin awesome but wish he had Devon Smith’s campaigner about him.

Just every now and then is a bit soft


When he broke from the centre bounce and drilled that pass down our leading forwards throat I nearly got up and gave a standing ovation.

It was just a thing of beauty, we are privileged to have him.


Showed us exactly what our midfield is missing Dylan Shiel will fill that role perfectly if we got him


What? Not Mitch Wallis?


Him too.



What was your excuse for not doing so?


He had wood.


I recon the first goal he kicked was just magic.

Anyone who got a photo of it rocks


Well I was in the top of the Southern, would have looked odd:


Blooody introvert “supporters”.


Seems pretty fit to me.