#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


he’s very fast but i don’t think he’s nearly as fit as he should be. look how Heppel and zac go from contest to contest, the repeat efforts. etc.
Tippa has so much upside if he can get involved more, quite scary how good he could become, because his skill, speed and smarts - all which can’t be taught, are second to none.


Thought he looked pretty trimmed down last night. Has certainly lifted his work rate.


Would love to know what was up with the start of the season.


Last month has been sensational. He’s a genuinely good complete footballer.


He’ll kick ten one day when the team realise he’s not a tall, pack mark, forward.


He’s a slow maturer.


Yep. How many times do we kick it high to him with 2-3 opposition players right with him?


If the players were clever they should dribble kick to him in that situation.


That first touch handball over the top to set up the goal. Oh my…


always seems shy/awkward on camera/interviews.


They’re all different kind of athletes though. Heppell can motor all day long, while Merrett spends a lot more time on the bench and is more of a burst player who runs from contest to contest at high intensity for shorter periods. Tippa has a burst of speed that neither of those guys have, but will probably never have the aerobic capacity that they do either. He’s also worked as hard on his fitness as anyone has


give this man half a second with the ball in the forward line and he will destwoy you.


Last trade period I did a search for the phrase “exactly what we need”.
It turns out about 650 of the 700 odd listed players are “exactly what we need”. What are the odds?


Thanks for the heads up caro.


Wrote him off a while ago, but been good the past 3-4 weeks.

Was superb last night


You write off a player like Walla, at your peril.


all true. he’s not gonna be a Stanton but he could still be so much more damaging if he managed to improve his tank…


Good post.

A lot of people don’t understand elite conditioning, genetics, power vs endurance athletes etc.


Typo? Or gross exaggeration…?


i actually think I do understand it more than most… and I’m an endurance “athlete” who wishes he had more power and burst- you can make a donkey a faster donkey but he won’t become a racehorse (that’s why I’m stuck on a 2:52 marathon PB and not a 2:36 like my little brother…). i do envy the guys i train with who can run 400m or 5km considerably faster than me…