#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


I would love to see this blokes stats comparison with games played with Fantasia and played without Fantasia.

From the naked eye - I think he seriously struggles to have any sort of impact when he plays without Raz.


Everyone plays better with Raz in the side.




So I’m at the bottlo getting some christmas beer and a guy in front of me (yeah it’s around 35 deg) is wearing a bombers footy jumper with #43 but the name onions. Anybody know what’s going on there?




Looking back through this thread to early May this bloke, who loves the red and black was copping a lot of flack. But many players play through form slumps and niggles, but they are part of a team. When the team plays well its easier for them to look good. Tippa is not just a cult hero. He is a bona fide hero to me.


And yet he was getting votes in the best and fairest at the time. Blitz opinions mean little more than champion data ratings


Certainly one way of looking at it.


And probably reasonably accurate


It’s hardly surprising that when the tall forwards don’t know where to be and the whole team struggles for structure, that a small forward doesn’t have much noticeable impact on games. In that time Tippa was the only forward who was where he should have been, which is probably the reason why he got votes.


Under-appreciated if anything, is Walla. Great role model for young Moz to siphon knowledge from…


Or maybe it’s a club award that has more to do with club stuff than…I dunno…an actual best and fairest.
I’m okay with that.
But for people to then say a player was actually among our best when he was, for whatever reason, clearly among our worst…shrugs

He had a shocking run of form early in the season.
As did Joe ‘he’s fine, what are you all talking about’ Daniher.


All quite possible correct.
My comment was purely directed at Blitz’s wildly wavering observations, and the quality of many of those. On any subject.


Watch out, here comes Walla. Looking the goods this preseason.


i think i speak for @Stallion and several others when is say



Looks in great nick. I reckon he will have a massive year and seemingly has even evolved to become an agent out of the Matrix


Wow, he looks scary, go get ‘em Tippa/Walla. :slightly_smiling_face:


Really enjoying his mentor role too.


We have finally figured out how to clone tippa!!! The dungeon pays off!