#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Predator took one look, turned, and ran.


…but got chased down. That’s prior, Predator, you ■■■■■■■ piece of ■■■■. Gone!


Would think it was a pretty seamless fit, from memory he had some sort of social work type role when he was in the VFL squad?


Tippa IS the Predator.


It can be a bit complicated trying to work out where Walla’s ceiling is. I think he has the potential to take another step and show real leadership in addition to “playing a role” which he has done exceptionally well so far.

Good to hear he is mentoring Mozzie, and hopefully getting more vocal at training and during games. He’s a smart guy and super talented, so hopefully he feels really comfortable with himself and feels he belongs and can lift those around him.


I think he has more room to grow his game, I’m liking his midfield spurts


I reckon “where” he plays has more room to grow than “what” he actually does.
He’s 25? now, had 3 years in the system and 3 in VFL.
He might only ever be a 16 touch sorta guy.

But if we get two or four good midfield bursts out of those touches, he could be a real momentum changer.


I like how he makes the opposition panic whenever he’s near the ball. It puts extra pressure on them making them rush their disposal to avoid the Tippa tackle.
And if Tippa has the ball then it’s better than evens he wins the contest.


He’s a very good, determined and very smart scrapper when the ball is in dispute.


His muscular frame helps him a lot. Being strong and low to the ground makes him hard to knock around. It gives him a big edge.

Tippa and Orazio have definitely got that x-factor to make things happen.


He’d probably be beside himself with anger if he sees that photo.


I think we are nearing peak Tippa.

He is no longer one of the guys that I would think likely to win most improved.

Yes, I know, David Myers.


I remember quite a few people saying “he’ll never make it dosent have the tank for AFL” etc,etc boy how wrong were those people lols talent like Tippa you never leave untapped.

I was one of the few who wanted the club to draft him all he needed was a chance.


One of the few??? Nino this whole board was rallying behind him to get drafted.


@Reboot hated him because Reboot, and @fogdog dismissed him because he fell over once…


Eesh. Harsh to bring that up again.
Although, y’know, ‘not ready’ is a bit of a recurring theme here…


Whereas I said he was everything that is good about football.

Just saying.


Fair call.
I mean…there is wrong and then there’s spectacularly wrong.
But it still seems mean to remind them.


He’s certainly come a long way from when Nino identified his talent during early-onset Tippa…


I remember when you said that about Nash too.

Just saying.