#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


I’m not sure about reboots thoughts and opinion, but I did question his second efforts and rated Long a better chance of making it. More than happy to be wrong but certainly still hope Long makes it.

And interesting point, he was previously overlooked for the very same thing I doubted. So he’s obviously worked hard on correcting something many others saw too.


Just yanking your chain, Fogdog.

The only nice thing I ever said about Jay “the quiet unachiever” Nash was when he torched Shane* Harvey during a VFL game. Repeatedly.

*I had to look up that loser’s first name.


Reboot questioned his tank and said he needed to up his game to make it.

He did up his game, and Reboot was, and is, happy to see him make it.


I don’t think Long will play 20 games, just doesn’t have the talent. Happy to be proven wrong and for people to remind me about my lack of judgement if he ever comes good.


Which will of course in no way prevent us from ragging @Reboot about it until the sun burns out and the stars turn dark.




Harsh of you to mention that, after all nobody’s mentioned Nic “200 gamer” O Brien yet!


Of all the players currently on our list, his success is the one l enjoy the most, and not just because l got to meet him last year and shake hands. He is the one who has had to work the hardest to get to where he is now, and it has been an exciting ride watching his trajectory. Almost as exciting as watching him in a game.


Can confirm that Walla is the first Essendon player to be selected to play in AFLX




Eligible to play or already selected?

Is the ‘draft’ they’re going to televise completely bogus?


Has agreed to play and will line up for Indigenious side is the info i got


You , like me, were there at Shepparton the day he destroyed Dangerfield. Always knew he had the drive and that “something” extra.


I suppose that team has to be pre determined, or at least some players tapped on the shoulder early.

Sadly, I’m not sure there are 14 indigenous players that would be deemed good enough to fill the side.


I’m pretty sure there is.


Yes I did just have a look and there are more indigenous players on lists than I thought which is good, some players that I had forgotten about and then a few I didn’t realise identified as indigenous.

Probably went a bit early cos I saw an opportunity to further have a crack at this AFLX garbage.


Would be a given really they’d want him in.

He’s one of the most exciting indigenous players in the league.


One of the most exciting players in the league


Lost of people didn’t see him working as a forward either


I got something extra too that day: a mini-footy signed by him.