#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Rioli x 2
Brad & Stephen hill
Jack Martin
Lewis Jetta
Neville Jetta
Jeff Garlett
Petrevski seton
Nathan Wilson
Jedi Anderson

And probably a heap of other guys I’ve missed






love his crash and bash and stays on his feet and delivers


Nice to see draper throwing his weight around.

Although it would have been given a free kick.


Only because he’s an Essendon player.



Lebron tipungwuti


GQ Australia or Esquire cover material right there. Walla, in all his sartorial splendor, sans the bling worn by so many other athletes. Great pic.


He looks better in red and black. Just sayin…


I thought the Deadly colours suited them.




Anthony McDonald-Pimpin’wuti as good as you’ll see


Best on ground today

It’s a freakish ability that when everyone else on your team is running around like deers in headlights and you’re getting smashed all over the ground to be able to single handidly keep your team just in touch

Was a one man army in the second and third qtrs, playing like a madman was one of the few highlights


He’s back!


I’m starting to think I’ve got this one wrong.

He has looked amazing this pre-season.

The biggest thing is that he appears to be showing up more often during the game. Getting more involved. He is a beautiful footballer to watch.


Arguably has looked our sharpest in the JLT games, those goals of the pack last night where a thing of beauty.


CD reckon he is elite. :grinning:
Do they really need stats to work that out? Even a drovers dog could see that last night.


Geez, he looked good.
If Ablett had his game last night it would have been the back page lead.


Gun. Those sharks off the pack were simply sublime. Looking forward to a huge year from Tippa.