#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Getting to a lot more contests. Looks like his fitness has gone to another level.


I reckon having Mozzie around has helped lift Walla’s spirits… Can’t wait to see them playing together.


How’s the one hand ball scoop and hand ball to Ham in traffic??? Soooo clean.


Agreed. But it is good that school comes first.


Always put’s in and never stops trying. A great asset to the Club


Yes, agree that school is a priority for Mozzie. I have no problem waiting…


And you can see just how much the rest of the team love playing with him.


So glad he’s over whatever was hindering him last year


How is this guy not in the leadership team?


Interesting - this pre-season is the first time I’ve noticed Walla giving directions and being more liberal with his voice. Coming out of his shell, maybe.


Mozzie has infected him with leadership


Not sure how serious but did not train due to lower back, looked very uncomfortable.


Add to the cooked pile


This is not good. TIPPA we absolutely need.



At least we still have Big Joe to kick it to.


Fk me.


Post reported.


Thoughts on rotating Tippa through the midfield?

I personally don’t like the idea. Whilst he is clean and is immense by foot, we are hurting our forward line more than we are benefiting our midfield. His forward pressure is vital to us and he showed amazing goal sense during the JLT (even though we know that he’s always had that).

Much better up forward that in the midfield IMO


If he helps our midfielders go that little bit harder, by having small bursts though the middle, then I have no issue with the idea. Especially if someone like Smith rotates into the forward line