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Thread title is short- full name is Anthony William Watson McDonald-Tipungwuti or



I agree, our mids don’t really transition into scary prospects fwd.
Would love to see what Merrett could produce deep fwd for 15-20 minutes a game.
Smith needs to spend more time closer to goal then last year. A third or more of his game should be spent roving packs up fwd.
Langford is good to go fwd when stringer is in the guts or off the field.
McGrath showed promise in the small patch at the end of last season up forward but just like Heppell would prefer their spare non midfield minutes spent in defence.
Zaka has spent some time at half forward this preseason.
Myers and Shiel seem like the mids that won’t impact as much as others in other areas of the ground therefore should be the nucleus of our midfield. I can see both however successfully playing the defensive fwd role depending on opposition. Parish is in a similar boat to Myers and Shiel.

In the end if we’re playing 8 or more of our genuine mids there shouldn’t be an urge to play the likes of Walla, Stringer, Fantasia or any other player to be called into the midfield beside for the odd clearance here and there to mix it up, break a tag and or force a mismatch.


Fantasia, Stringer and Walla all have high impact when in the middle and add another dimension to our oft one-paced midfield. We should definitely continue to roll them through, especially when our mids are struggling to get the ball into the forward line. At times I feel like that move takes a bit too long to be done when to opposition are on top of us or we are struggling to transition the ball effectively.


Agree. However our midfielders need to take responsibility and learn how to curb the opposition influence themselves. I don’t think we can be a contender until the midfield fight there fight and own the challenge themselves. It might get worse before it gets better but our goal is a premiership not continuous finals campaigns. Sink or swim.


It’s a strange argument as to why he shouldn’t rotate through the midfield. The AFL has limited rotations to the interchange bench. What all of the best teams are doing is rotating between forwards instead. Consider Geelong; they have Ablett, Dangerfield, Kelly, Menegola and now Dahlhaus who all rotate through the middle and forward line to keep fresh legs in the middle. Why should we go out with tired legs in the middle when Tippa has shown he can be damaging off a handball in the middle?


I love him but 4 touches is poor.


at least he put his body on the line numerous times.


Not having a crack but apparently he had a huge preseason.

We shouldn’t be making excuses for any players.


Playing out of position @ CHF doesnt help


can ave the hugest preseason ever, doesn’t count for ■■■■ if your teammates think you’re a chf at 5 foot tall


Well we aren’t going to start playing big guys there!

Would ruin a long standing Essendon game plan.


If it was good enough for Davey then it’s good enough for Walla


playing him out of the goal square at centre bounces only confirms my thoughts that the coaching panel have no clue he should be one of the first into the square to create not have it sat on his head…


Wasn’t he injured recently?

Good luck being a forward when Essington show up. They probably should have just switched the mids with the forwards in the 2md half.

He was one of the few putting in a 4 quarter effort and the only one who was clean at ground level, only had 4 posessions but had more influence than others.


He is the only one who actually leads at the ball, it is why it is kicked to him as he is the only target. The rest sit back and wait for the ball to be kicked long.


Not many possessions, but from what I watched today he tried more than many of them. Sometimes those efforts meant he was two on one, or had a long bomb falling on his head with a taller opponent.


Yep, we were missing Laverde in the F50 as a leading forward, it left McKernan as the only tall presenting; Brown’s best has always been between the arcs and Stringer doesn’t present toward the ball carrier preferring to get his opponent under the ball and getting the one the spills over the back.

Laverde has to play otherwise stringer is forced to play a structural role he isn’t suited to and we then miss stringer in through the middle.


Two weeks in a row Walla is playing CHF.

Brown and Smack are just not working.


Hes pretty good when he’s good, but I reckon throughout his career he’s had more bad games than good. Not as good as we think he is


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