#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


He was our best in the JLT. I thought he was set for a good start to the season.


would I be wrong in saying he played slightly higher up the ground in the JLT?


Drop him. Needs to get back to basics. 12 disposals across the first 2 games, Bags the same. Unacceptable.


Perhaps he was. But then after JLT 2, weren’t there reports on here that Tippa looked really uncomfortable with his back? And missed a few training sessions?


And yet they play him. FFS!

This has got the Harvey at Freo level bad for playing unfit guys who can’t perform.


I have a theory.

During the JLT matches, Tippa was probably in our 2-3 best players. His crumbing was some of the best we have seen from him. He was getting himself front and centre at the drop of the marking contest… then scooped it up and drilled the goals within half a second.

The last 2 matches, the coaches have stated that the forwards are pushing up too high (McKernan). McKernan is trying to make himself a marking target further up the ground to compensate for the lack of options, and to cover Bellchambers lack of presence around the ground.

Tippa’s role is staying at the feet of McKernan and Brown. Both of them are leading up the ground.
His options are:

  1. Follow McKernan up the ground.
  2. Try to keep the forwardline structure, by staying closer to goal (as he is instructed).

As the player that is closest to goal, he essentially becomes the no 1 marking target. Hense the midfielders kicking the ball to Tippa, on the lead.

Could the midfielders be abit more creative in the way they kick it to him?
F*ck yes! Dribble the ball along the ground, or kick the ball towards goal so he can change direction and run in to an open goal.

IMO Tippa shouldn’t be blamed for becoming the hit up target… it’s a significant structural issue that must be addressed.


It blows my mind that this doesn’t occur to them. He’ll win that ball 80% of the time. I’ve seen him deliver it to Baguley like that because he understands the contest.


There was a centre bounce just after halftime, when it was TBC, Stringer, Walla and I think, Heppell at the bounce.

TBC hit it down, Walla ran straight at the ball, crunched a Sainter, Stringer grabbed it and bolted clear, good clearance.

Never saw them together in the middle again.

Walla may not get enough possessions, but his pressure makes it easier for his teammates.


It’s true. He only had 7 disposals but 26 pressure acts. That’s massive.


If he doesn’t fall over.



Make it happen


Half back 2016 style, get him back involved in the play while McKenna has a stint in the middle.


If only we stacked up on small forwards, we just don’t have enough.


True, I forgot we’ve got fk all up forward.


Are you implying we shouldn’t have delisted Greene?
Dangerous territory on Blitz.


No but in the last few years a fair few have been picked up in the rookie draft or late in the draft. Our recent picks haven’t played many games for us and it’s not like we’ve had any success.


He’s just playing too deep for too long, makes me wonder whether he’s carrying something


Looked red hot through the JLT. Actually commented that he was one that looked ready to fire…

Could be carrying something.



He was playing and higher. And he looked fkg good.