#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA



Same scenario as last year.

Midfield looks terrible and our small forwards looked terrible.

Walla will come back into the game just like last year when we start getting the ball into the forwardline faster and cleaner.


Was woeful in the first month last year too.


Yep. The only strange thing is how good he looked in the JLT.


This is true. He was almost like a barometer for us (could probably say that about most players last year).

But once he started laying tackles and getting involved we looked that much better. Same this year


2 & 3 effective disposals.


He doesn’t seem to be moving as well as the JLT, wouldn’t be surprised if he is carrying something.


Well they did report after JLT 2 that Tippa had hurt his back and was very stiff during training (in fact I think he missed a couple of sessions, didn’t he?)


“When your key forwards are too high up the ground, the small forwards will be running around aimlessly.” Garry Lyon.

Tippa is not the problem. His job is to sit at the feet of the KPP, and they are nowhere to be seen. Fix the forwardline structure and you’ll magically bring Tippa and Fantasia into the game.


Yep, we are so far off the pace in other areas I don’t understand how somewhat peripheral players can be blamed.

Least of our concerns at the moment.


He is part of the problem as in he is part of a non-functional forward line. The tall and small forwards need to get themselves sorted out to work as a functional team. It’s how all the forwards set up, and how the midfielders deliver the ball to them. Which is where the forward line and midfield coaches needs to bring everyone together so they are doing the right/planned things.


May have, but you can tell he is not a 100%. Maybe they should be not playing unfit players.

If you look at it

Tippa - back
Merrett - ankle interrupted preseason
TBC - surgery interrupted preseason
Hepp - tendinitis interrupted preseason
Smith - knee managed limited preseason
Fantasia - hand interrupted preseason
Brown - surgery interrupted preseason
McKenna - unknown interrupted preseason

That’s a third of our side underdone. Yet we have guys putting in good performances and starved of opportunity in the twos.

Our selection policy over the last two year has been weird and effected our performance.


McKenna was supposedly groin soreness/ issues


I saw in both rd 1&2 multiple times he was under a long kick into the forward line. He is anticipating where the ball will go and getting there, but he is too small for the marking contest (obviously).
Where are Brown, Stringer and Smack when these balls come in?
Tippa should be deliberately avoiding taking his man to this spot, and wait to attack the fall of the ball at speed, when it spills from a marking contests (assuming that one of the talls actually makes it to the contest!).
Don’t start there, move to there at the right time.
And just following on from that, why can’t the kicker kick it to where the talls have lead (preferably, but the talls in our team don’t lead), or at least to a spot they can get to?


Has more bad games than good ones. He’s terribly inconsistent


Would love to see him be the one kicking the balls to the forwards, instead of them kicking the ball on his head


you’d think the coaches and players have seen the “kicking it up high to a small forward’s head” problem and are telling them to stop doing it

except it’s been that way for many years so maybe the answer is no


It seems really simple. We need someone with a coach’s intellect like @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS to explain why they continue down that path.


Yeah right. Been there, done that.

Apart from a select few, this joint is nowhere near worth the time nor the effort,… idiot sniping posts like that one proving the case.