#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA



Our forward line coach doesn’t know how to coach forward lines.

Our midfield coach does (or did).

Yet another example of EFC playing people out of their best position.


I struggle to see how you can finish 5th in the B and F and have more good games than bad games.


What a colossal wanker.


Tippa is such a sick ■■■■. Good on him.


Lit up the G. Didn’t even want to sell candy but that prick bought it anyway so he went around him and drilled it.


Dont ever doubt this bloke, Mercurial. Eddy Betts with more levers.


Who wanted him out?

He’s a gun!


Still reckon that most BB don’t fully understand the role of the small forward - You are not always going to impact with possessions and goals - It’s a matter of making the most of your opportunities which probably happen every third game.


Even when he has s bad game he still harassed the opposition.

It’s why he polled well in the b&f last year when everyone thought he was out of form.

His role is dependent on players around him playing their parts.


Pressure acts and tackles are the non-negotiables for small forwards these days. Walla is elite at them. And he kicks and sets up goals too.



Kicked some mega important goals and did one of those milimetre perfect passes


3 of his goals were momentum changing. Those were the sort of goals if they were kicked against us you would get ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■ off at. Absolute gun


Farking LOL!

I don’t know whether he was carrying or just badly used in the first couple of games, but by gosh it’s good to see him in the backline and lasering passes into the forwards.


Watching the replay Tippa has his hand in each qtr setting up or kicking goals

His kick to set up Raz in the 1st is sublime

edit: just watched replay, his kick to Parish in the 4th wowzors.


Yes. as is everyones pretty much.


This is what Tippa is paid to do.
Marvellous job tonight!
Utilised all his strengths beautifully.


That first goal, watching the replay: I repeat ‘get the fark outta here’ about five times in a row.

Turns back for the sharper angle, don’tyouworryaboutthat.


He’s back. :ok_hand:t2:


hahahaha…i’m screaming at MrsDeck …“did youi se that DID YOU SEE THAT DID YOU FARKJIN SEE HTAT???..”???

Mrs Deck: Yes. Shut up.