#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA




Who else thought Walla’s goal in the 3rd looked like Long’s against Melbourne?


Walla was massive tonight. Magnif performance.


Sold so much candy the Melbourne defenders would of been diagnosed with diabetes after the game


Yeah, I’m not convinced that’s all it is at all.


Gary farking Rohan!
I had a mate try to be a smartarse and compare him to Chance Bateman, but Rohan takes the cake.


Gary farking Rohan!
I wouldn’t take THREE Rohan’s for Tippa!


He comes to his best in high-pressure tight situations close to goal.

Along with Stringer and Smith in there, it’s a given we will score.

Some of his finishing last night was Hird/Rioli/Lovett esque


I have 43 on my jumper for a good reason…

We all saw why tonight.

Does things that no one else can on the footy field.


Was sensational…



Tippa is back baby!


Was excellent last night. Another player that benefitted from being brought into the action. Here’s hoping that he can string together some consistency.



Candy man.



It’s not brain surgery. If the ball comes into the forward line with any sense of methodology Walla is gonna be brought into the game. Same thing happened last year.


Gets some kudos

#1 for AFL’s rd3 best moments for candy selling

And Zerrett tackle at #8


ha! are you me?


If he keeps this up, he will be given a new title: The Candy Man.


Last attempt to post this gif so it doesn’t get booted … or Discourse can go fk itself, I’ll never gif on it again.


Awesome goal!