#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


I reckon Fantasia better.

Nice that it is at a point that it is debatable though.


When Walla puts a game in like this. Yes.

The best players in the comp are good every week, with the exception because of a masterful defensive job by their opponent.

Cant wait to see the rest of his season after that.


Whho was on him? Or did he simply destroy their complete backline.


Robertson ended up on him after starting on Raz

Don’t recall who started on Walla, but Bailey not playing for the Lions didn’t help.



That chant during the third and fourth quarters was insane!


Just loved his work at one on ones - spoiling to advantage. It’s a much improved dimension to his game. Tippa is a great tackler, but looks even better when he is going in to win the ball.


When is the contract extension going to be announced?


Can he play? :slight_smile:


Glad nobody at the bombers was listening to you :joy:[quote=“Stallion, post:6037, topic:2519”]


Thanks to the drug saga we found a gem
Thanks Jimmy thanks Dank


Not thanks to the drug saga at all.

We knew what we had. It was only a matter of time before we picked him.


I think so, reboot not so much


He was a 2nds player for 2 years before he only got a game because we were short of players


Walla that was awesome! Best indigenous player in the comp now.


Terrific game. Out of the box. Always threatened to do that.
Who was the last Ess player to kick seven goals? Lloyd, perhaps Lucas?


Reimers I think lol


If Walla gets consistent then we can revisit this convo :slight_smile:


That’s right, against Gold Coast


He literally handed Brown a goal.


Incorrect. We drafted him the year before the bans.