#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


Gerard Healy called him ‘Tippy’ at one stage.

You rude individual.


Surely shades of Darren Bewick shown today.


Ben has been driving the Tippa train for years.




Our best small forward ever!?


And @Humble_Minion.

In all fairness I think @Reboot mainly questioned his fitness when he was playing vfl.


The crowd went so nuts when he kicked his 6th goal you would’ve thought that it was the match winner. That’s how popular he is.




You looking for this chestnut from the Lid Off thread??

Well owned though @rossoneri


No, because it’s in the lid on thread for a reason, you need to get up to speed with that thread and the lid off thread.

Pretty sure in the other Tippa thread (?) I said he was VFL standard at best


Those goals in the last quarter you just knew he would win the one on one and goal. He is my favourite Essendon player. What a legend.


His 5th goal was incredible. Got the ball on the HBF and kept running all the way and ended up with the free kick. Great kick too


Best kick in the team, at goal or in general play. Just doesn’t waste it. After 12 possessions and 0 goals across the first 2 games he has responded superbly. The way we play we get a lot of “over the back” goals and Walla is going to get a lot of those. He just makes you smile when he gets the ball, the reception he gets whenever he goes anywhere near it is at Longy levels.


He had point assists . Not his fault others can’t kick straight .


His kicking both field and goal never seems to go out of touch. Thats been consistent with him since day one.

Just needed to find a way to get his hands on enough footy.

Did that today and wow.


He’s amazing.


43 is the perfect number for him


I don’t think I have seen a player execute the drop punt on the run as good as this bloke.

He just doesn’t miss when kicking for goal.

It was like shelling peas to him.

I have not seen a more complete performance from a small forward in my lifetime.


A highlight from a few years back.


A gut running Walla… somebody hold me.

Poetry today.

I wonder if mentoring Mossie has helped him step it up to this new level. I’m really looking forward to watching those 2 boys play a game together.