#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


And now he is fit enough to execute it. Kudos to those in the club who advised him that his lack of fitness was holding him back , to him for taking this onboard and to those who devised a program to get him there and realise his potential.


Can you imagine how much it must suck supporting a club without McDonald-Tipungwuti playing for it?


As I have been saying since well before we drafted him: TIPPA is everything that is good about footy.


he’s been finding space in 3rd and 4th qtrs for many games now, i’ve been wondering why teams don’t man him up tighter since he’s been closing out games for us for years now

I hope he gets more midfield time, because he always fries whatever the opposition tries to do


Thank Christ he’s not a half back anymore.


If you like your Sunday morning ‘■■■■’ check out the Tippa ‘Game Breaker’ video from yesterday’s match on the AFL app/site. Extremely arousing.


Can’t think of a more exciting game from a small forward since Darren Bewick took on Geelong in the Centenary game in 96.

Note Kyle Reimers does not count.

Put yesterdays game away in the memory bank folks, a classic


Lol, go back about 12 days in this thread.

How quickly this game can change.


I’m happier he wasn’t a CHF yesterday


Do it in any thread.

It really has been an incredible turnaround by the club. Two weeks ago we looked like wooden spooners.


Collars on Guernseys.
Stringer bucket hats in the bombershop.


I’m still not going lid off u til we get a scalp this season of the quality…

Collingwood, Richmond, GWS.

We win on Anzac day and hello 2019.

(regardless if we cop North playing out of their skin this week.)


Quotes in this article is why I love the man.

Absolutely great character.

Can we work on a few more like him through the rookie list please?


Which is why I was so frustrated by our clubs inability to have our team ready for round 1. Because we are good enough.

At least we have come to play before we are 2-6 and the season is gone.


Carlilse 8 v bulldogs


At 25 and fast becoming one of the most damaging players in the AFL we are going to have one of the great players and people of the EFC unfold over the next 7-10 years.

His pathway to the AFL has brought a humbleness and work ethic that will be passed on to the next generation of EFC small forward and players.

My hope is that he enjoys mentoring and coaching Mozzie and hopefully gets that coaching itch.


Mozzie will be itching to play after watching Walla


When did his marking get so good? He was going full pace at some of those grabs and pulling them in beautifully.




Imagine both Tippa AND Mozzie in the same team? FCCCKKKKKKKKKK