#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


How did Tippa not make the back page of the HS??


I love Tippa. That was ecstasy.

Only one of his goal was like his typical goal…his 6th.

Rest are all lead and mark…(though he dropped two of them…got a free for one and also played on with the other).


Played the mobile Daveyesque CHF role to perfection. His football IQ is a couple of steps higher than most other players. His foot passing skills are sublime and rock solid in front of goals. That long bomb from outside 50 was the highlight for me, as it showed his growing confidence to deliver when called upon.


Although the way this side can be just when you think we are up and about… Lets just wait until round 8.


Neuvo Classicos

Tippa doesn’t need the Sun/Herald to talk him up, everyone on the ground can watch him play and apply his skilful craft, he is such a talent he can longer be ignored.


Carey said that outside of Lockett it is the best kicking action he has seen.


From the first couple of minutes of the game, you knew he was on for a huge game.


Whoa, ease up. Good player, brilliant yesterday but geez…he ain’t the second coming


Not quite as good in the wet, but other than that…


That’s a decent wrap up that is.


Saw that in twitter with all those high profile journos as well. No Tippa talk. Not sure why.


It’s the Herald Sun, assume racism.


Come see me when his career is over and we can see who was right.


It’s a date. I’ll bring wine… you wear something sexy.



Just to set the record straight.

From memory in the past we agreed that it’s perfectly fine to call him Tippa… but use Walla to his face if we ever meet him.
Anyway, clearly he doesn’t mind either way.




and not whatever BSD comes up with.

@Reboot has to call him Mr Tipungwuti.


I think I’ll just call him, Nice to meet you Sir.