#43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - WALLA MACCA TIPPA


If I ever meet him in person I’m gonna call him Mr. McDonald-Tipungwuti


All the boys seem to love him! Brings so much to the team


You don’t know if you’re ready till you play a team that wants to annihilate you.


Devon Smith on AFL gameday this morning (I was at a cafe, I had no choice what was on…don’t judge) was all loved up with his team mates. Just about every question asked about a team mate, the answer involved:

“Yeah, I love him and the way he goes about it”.


Some of the replys are well worth a read, …




I can’t judge you - I watched him on the show as well haha


The Macca guy was a bit rubbish, though.


Just saw what brought about that tweet.

Dev on GD saying he definitely doesn’t like being called Tippa, … It’s Walla.

It’s out?

It’s out!


50, 000 Essendon fans chanting WAALLLLLLLAAAAA on ANZAC day after he has slotted the winning goal aught to make it up to him.


I’ll call him ‘woody’ cos that’s how the commentators pronounce the last part of his name.

It’s appropriate cos that’s what I had after watching his game the other night.


4 O’Clock in the morning can’t sleep, go onto Blitz and I’m not alone Azza78 is here also.


I’m only awake cos I’m at work.


Healy called him ‘Tippi’


■■■■ Healey!




If he marks inside 50 he should be having a shot from all angles. Unbelievable shot for goal and general field kicking


He has said a few times that he likes Walla more. I read it’s a nickname his old man gave him as a kid, short for wallaby.

Mentions it here:


haha literally a fortnight ago there were people calling for him to be dropped. Couldn’t believe it at that time



(Tippi Hedren)


Healey is a farkwit. He should go back to looking at Melksham’s arms.